Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 27 - What you think about your friends?

My Friends are such a huge group of people, which I cannot define on a whole!

I have some very close friends, some distantly-close, some online i-haven't-met-ya-but-u-r-my-best-friend types and the list goes on, to end with people who I whine being associated with :P

On a whole, I guess my friends do not fit any particular category, they are just from all walks of life and "click" with me you know?

They can be loyal, eccentric, honest, cute, bubbly, weird, rude, snobbish etc etc but the point is if they are my friend, I would love them all the same!

Some have been sore disappointing too, who I would rather not say out aloud what I wish to do with em!!

All said and done, they are my friends so they are the BEST!!!

PS: I am extremely disappointed with, what I have written. At the same time, I am too lazy to re write it! Maybe later ;)

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