Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 13 - Your views on drugs, alcohol and religion

Since the topic is not co-related, i will sub divide it into "My views on Drugs", "My views on Alcohol", "My views on Religion". Here we go,

My views on Drugs:

To be completely honest, I still can't understand the concept. My only knowledge of it is from films, so I always think drugs means either you inject or smell some crap to get HIGH! But I have also seen the horrific pictures of its after effects. I can't understand why someone would do something like this to themselves. But all things said, I believe that the root cause of these problems is the Media for exaggerating all these things and the young minds get fascinated by drugs. At this tender age, they are rebellious and try to fight against anything good. And when they see all this exaggeration, they try to become one of the so called "COOL" people. Proper parental guidance can help them a long way. A friendly parent or any elderly member of the family need to talk to them and give them educational insights about the problems with law and health. Most importantly stronger measures is to be taken to BAN these stuff.

My views on Alcohol:

Whoever says " It's an office party! I need to drink or people won't accept in my official circle' should be hanged :P Come on, I don't say it is wrong, but the ways you justify it, plain Stinks!
It is an individual perception and there is no such thing as too much fun "only after alcohol". Life is beautiful there are OTHER ways to enjoy it too.

Drink, have fun, be safe and it is good to go. Anything in moderation is good.

My views on Religion:

Here comes the sore spot. Who is allowed to decide their religion? We are either born into it or we are manipulated into it ;-)
Do people really know, what their religion preaches? or do they follow it?
My view is every religion just brings some book of codes on how to lead life in a better way, How to be a good human being. But if every religious fanatic / or every person who follows a religion, really follows these books to the "T". Do you really think the world will be so unsafe?

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