Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Wedding Gift to a dear Friend, Colleague!

Walks in and out,
A chirpy bird.
A ear for every rambles,
A ear for every woes.

A friend if you need one,
Never an enemy!
A smile always to light,
The bluest of days.

Comes out of the way,
To help, to share, to guide
An amateur’s delight!

As the brim fills,
As the days near,
I only wish her merry and more..

You will be missed by heart a many,
Yet, you have taken the breath away
Of an innocent victim,
Blessed to be your other half
May the happiness spread,
The joys divide,
As you embark the Journey of your life!

Seven years of accomplishment
Yet a legacy to leave, or so she says!

Wishing you a legacy and more!
Happy Wedding Day!

This species may have its origin in “God’s own country”, but it is predominantly found in Cathedral Road,. To be more Specific “ HM! Office”. Occasionally found near Koyembedu too. Soon to migrate to the Northen regions.
Scarcely found to be interested in a commodity known as food. Pecks around something edible, occasionally at noon. Other than this, it has been rarely observed savoring it.
Pretty Mallu, always found wearing a smile and matching accessories. Reliable sources say, all the pretty dresses are soon up for Sale!
Ever Smiling, Never takes offence. An amazing friend.

HAPPY WEDDING DAY – Bhavya & Girish!
May 22, 2011.


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