Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 06 - Favorite super hero and why?

Eh??...Seriously Eh??

I don't have any super hero's. Maybe the idea is queer or maybe I am queer!
Let me make up somethings *Thinks hard*

Okay wait...A super Hero, I have always liked is "Shikari Shambu". There! :-D
To those who have trouble picturing him, here is a picture *Dreamy aint he? :P*

I am drawn back to the nostalgic feeling of a Tinke in my hand, and scrolling the pages to find Mr. Shambu's Adventures :-D . He and his wife have never disappointed me. :D ...They make a amazing couple.
Firstly the way he wins every single quest of his, is hilarious and cute :), not to forget the way he runs into trouble consistently, is just what makes him Super Hero material for me :D

But, Yeah! there has to be a 'But' isn't it ;-) ...To burst the bubble, am still confused, as to who would win this rat race...erm Super Hero Race. So my second nominee is and will always be "Tantri the Mantri" :-D

He is one Mega entertainer. His will power to succeed beyond the whatever-I-do-it-fails stories, and his attitude to keep and keep on trying *whadoyaknow* just makes him so appropriate to be a Super hero.

Now, seriously! How am I supposed to pick one? You tell me! :-(


  1. AwwwW! I love both <3 :) I am stalking you with comments!

  2. You think, I wouldn't Like it? ;-) Thanks for teh encouragement Ash :D

    - Seno



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