Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Wedding Gift to a dear Friend, Colleague!

Walks in and out,
A chirpy bird.
A ear for every rambles,
A ear for every woes.

A friend if you need one,
Never an enemy!
A smile always to light,
The bluest of days.

Comes out of the way,
To help, to share, to guide
An amateur’s delight!

As the brim fills,
As the days near,
I only wish her merry and more..

You will be missed by heart a many,
Yet, you have taken the breath away
Of an innocent victim,
Blessed to be your other half
May the happiness spread,
The joys divide,
As you embark the Journey of your life!

Seven years of accomplishment
Yet a legacy to leave, or so she says!

Wishing you a legacy and more!
Happy Wedding Day!

This species may have its origin in “God’s own country”, but it is predominantly found in Cathedral Road,. To be more Specific “ HM! Office”. Occasionally found near Koyembedu too. Soon to migrate to the Northen regions.
Scarcely found to be interested in a commodity known as food. Pecks around something edible, occasionally at noon. Other than this, it has been rarely observed savoring it.
Pretty Mallu, always found wearing a smile and matching accessories. Reliable sources say, all the pretty dresses are soon up for Sale!
Ever Smiling, Never takes offence. An amazing friend.

HAPPY WEDDING DAY – Bhavya & Girish!
May 22, 2011.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 31 - Who are you?

Who am I?? Well, If I start again after writing incessantly for a month, am sure most of you would like to kick me or WORSE, Delete my Facebook Profile *Shudders =P*. So I would like to say to know more about me, (Only if you really really wanna KNOW!) please go through my previous posts. I have described myself amply well.


Finally, am giving all of you a break from my so called writing spree =P. I still can't belive, I made it upto Day 31. *Pats on the back*

Comments regarding all my posts are always WELCOME =D. Encourage me!!! :-)...
  • Do you see a promising writer??, Let me know!!!
  • Do you see myself improving on my vocabulary/ Scentence formation??, Let me Know!!!
  • Bored Already??... Do NOT let me know!! =D

GO INDIA, The world cup Beckons!!! :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 29 - In this past month, what have you learned?

I have learnt that, I need to be more responsible and independent in the upcoming years. I have life long commitments and keeping that in mind, i should focus and work accordingly! No major or shocking lessons learnt, but growing older ( There, I just said it =(( ....=P) , teaches you some peculiar lessons every day. Not to forget, I have learnt that am back in the ' Writing Game', even if you hate it! =D

Overall March has been an unusual month.

Disappointments, achievements, happiness, frustrations, regrets, all put together, shaken rigorously, and served with a PINCH of salt to taste!

That does not taste as bad as you think, still it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, if at all you know, what I mean?!?! =P

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 28 - A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?

Back then (July 2010)

Recent Past (Jan 2011)

Now if you see there is hardly 6 months difference between the two pictures, So no great difference!

Hmmm, how have I changed!!

  • Well, I guess am more independent in financial desicions . M still broke at the end of the month :P , but have started thinking about future, tax savings schemes, investments blah blah :D
  • I was so excited to get my first ATM card, First Salary around three years back! But now its got boring. Money brings in commitment and I wish I could stop growing up and CRY! =P
  • Apart from that, I am trying to further myself academically by trying to study something. By next year am sure, I would be doing Masters!
  • As of now no more of fun, random, spur of the moment events, am cautious *sighs* and plan stuff.
  • Renewed some friendships which were due to childish tiffs :D

Basically to cut the long story short, I have become BORING! :-)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 27 - What you think about your friends?

My Friends are such a huge group of people, which I cannot define on a whole!

I have some very close friends, some distantly-close, some online i-haven't-met-ya-but-u-r-my-best-friend types and the list goes on, to end with people who I whine being associated with :P

On a whole, I guess my friends do not fit any particular category, they are just from all walks of life and "click" with me you know?

They can be loyal, eccentric, honest, cute, bubbly, weird, rude, snobbish etc etc but the point is if they are my friend, I would love them all the same!

Some have been sore disappointing too, who I would rather not say out aloud what I wish to do with em!!

All said and done, they are my friends so they are the BEST!!!

PS: I am extremely disappointed with, what I have written. At the same time, I am too lazy to re write it! Maybe later ;)

Day 26 - Something you crave for a lot?

Loosing weight. Period!


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