Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Proposal...

As she lays confused about the conflicting emotions,
She takes her phone, clutching on to it,
As if her life depends on the Picture she sees
She starts kissing the phone, unable to reach beyond,
A far away expression mixed with longing etched on her face!
For it is HIM, who is the reason for her happiness!

She is torn by the war raging on her mind.
Too attached to her parents, to go against them
Unable to forget the proposal
Not once, not twice, HE did it again and again.

HE knows, she knows, the end is nearing,
Neither can they believe, nor accept the path of their destiny
Is it sheer stupidity or the love blinding them?
Is there a difference? She asks herself softly.
Only to hear herself crying inside.

Amidst the happiness, there is sadness
Sadness cos both know the Proposal aint enough
Sadness cos she hurts for him and he for her
Sadness cos she is deeply in Love
Sadness cos she said NO!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Apology to my loved ones!

Pain says give me more!
Heart never learns; a gazillion mistakes;
The story of my life!

As I gaze deep into myself
All I can see are the flaws and some more,
The realization brings in another painful stroke
Of the days bygone, by numerous fights
With friends and foes alike ;
Am I really fit enough to go on?

All I do is give back pain
From the people who shower their love
What a worthless life I lead?
Totally ashamed and embarrassed
To realize my true self!

Life will go on, but the mistakes haunt!
I realize with a coldness in my heart
Apologies are for people who learn
But do I ?

With the physical pain taunting my existence
Of the organ corrupted
I feel bad about the numerous times
I tried to give up on my life!
Resulting in sheer physical pain!
Who do I apologize to?
Myself for being the biggest idiot?

The people for whom I could have died for
Are long gone, leaving me with the pain;
Now I am scared to accept the physical flaw!

Was it something wrong with me all along?
I cry a river inside! Knowing the answer
But never having the guts to accept it
Coward is what I am today!

This is for the people who love me
For my flaws, for the child inside me
A million apologies for the hurt and pain
Caused by this reckless mind!
Even if I am not with you
Remember that I always loved you!

I have no clue why am apologizing for! I am just a little disturbed and wrote crap ! :|

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Kindling the deepest passions in me,
Untangling me from my miseries,
My beloved Sweetheart;
Alluring my fears, comforting me,
Ready to be with me forever and ever!
I am spellbound by the affection,
Lovingly over showered on me,
Oh! Am I high or is it your love?
Viewing the future, through your eyes,
Eternity seems seconds away!
You are the one for me, my dearest!
Or life seams as bleak as the past,
U are my everything!

This is just a start LOL. Appreciate the effort people ;-) I plan to write a better one soon, but will do on the same topic so that you can play the critic hehe..


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