Monday, November 27, 2006

Sueeeeeeee or Suefa the sister I always wanted, Thanks to orkut I got this lovely and cute sister. We both started this blog just because we were bored and wanted to do something, we thought , we always talk a lot , so why not write down whatever we talk , we couldn’t do it in orkut as there is a word limitation for everything .....:D

Suefa is a very bubbly personality , Its sad that it took us so long to get to know each other , but after that it has been no looking back .This girl is always full of energy and can raise your spirits totally , First when I met her , I thought well this girl has a group of friends and she doesn’t opens up with everyone , we hardly exchanged a few scraps ,by then I knew a lot of people but sue always seemed to be reserved =)) , maybe she thought the same about me , because she also never spoke so well with me , then all thanks to poorva another sweetheart , she is close to both of us , and we used to have girly yahoo confys =)) and there she used to invite both of us , and as usual we never spoke to each other , hardly a few posts , hi sueeeeeeeeeeee :D >>>>>>>>:D<<<<<<<<<< :*:* just the usual greeting and a bye . some time later in the confys all the others would leave to sleep , but me and sue pure 100% nocturnal , so we stayed and were in a situation where we had to talk to each other , both of us used to talk about some silly thing and we would leave , then we got one topic of mutual interest ;) and started talking for real , within a week she was one amongst the close people to me who I would wait to see them online. In the starting our timings matched each other , so did our sense of humor :P , We both have a totally different sense of humor , only people close to us can understand our jokes and yeah! We laugh for anything and everything =))

And by the end of the second week , we were like so close to each other , all secrets shared , we had talked about everything under the sun :-O , we started out by doing weird things everyday after everyone were asleep and slowly we started realizing we have the same thoughts , same feelings basically we had a lot in common , and of all the online friends I have met , she is the one who I can closely relate to , that is she can easily find out what’s in my mind while others can just judge that something is wrong , she is the person because of whom I have started laughing and enjoying my life a lot lately , and whatever I say she is ready to do it the next minute , we love to search through google to get funny pictures for our album=)) and we chat daily , if there is some problem that she cant come online , she comes through mobile and talks to me =)) , She is definitely one of my close friends now , sounds weird isn’t it? , haven’t met this gal , don’t know how she looks or behaves in real life , yet there is something which attracts me to this gal ,and those who know her , will accept with me that she is the most cheerful girl around. She laughs without a reason, but I don’t find it weird anymore, because am also doing the same lately ….:D , Well our day starts at around 9 o clock in the night: P and ends at 5-7 in the morning =)) and till now even one day I haven’t been bored of her , We talk nonsense but with sue nonsense is fun :D , She is one of the persons , I can say anything to ,she hears all my stories poor sue=)) but sometimes she gets the romantic stories as well;) but most of the days its plain dumb:D

Sueeeeeeeeeee , you are more than a friend , more than a sister , more than anything I deserve , You are a wonderful person and I thank all my stars for knowing you and I cant wait to meet you in person , I so look forward to that day \:d/:X\:d/:X , and be with me always , i need you more than anything , I just love you too much to express it , You are really my other half, crazy twin even though you are the craziest of us ,that’s what makes you even lovable and I simple love you for everything :D . We share a wonderful bond , and i sincerely hope nothing would come in between us forver :x:x:x

I have lots more to write about you and will keep updating this blog ;-)

Keep smiling always



Monday, November 20, 2006

Dedicated to Prankiee.......My first attempt at poetry.........!!! =))

Well am not the kinda of person who can write poems let alone write i cant even understand poems =)), but still i had promised to one of my friends praniti to write a poem for her ...........and well made a fool of myself and the poetry i guess...;-) , but its just my first attempt to write a poem , so poetry lovers this is not advised for you .........:D , just an amateur attempt from my side .

Pranks u r d chubbiest gal ever!!

and of course the sweetest of all souls..

i can hate u never!!

cos i know u r always thr for me thro all my goals...

I cant belive how easily u stole my heart!!

U r an angel in diguise , loved by everyone..

U have grown deep inside my heart , so u r d one i can never part!!

any day any time , u make my heart long for u..

you r my frend , sister , philosopher and guide!!

which suprises me cos u r younger than me..

u haunt my thoughts everyday , so i can never let u slide!!

away from me cos i feel u werever i see..

u just arent one in millions!!

u r unique and remind me of a pure white dove..

u r spl moon among d stars which r billion!!

u r in my heart , in my soul , cos u r d one i love..

u r special cos u r my precious gem!!

who i shall strive hard never to loose..

so am gonna stick to u like a gum!!

i jus love u and want u to b with me forever!!

u make me happy , u scold me , tease me...

but i love u more for that cos u have that right!!

u shower me with ur affection..

and listen to all my confessions..

worried how to repay u!!

as my love is all i can give u!!

Once again I dedicate this one and only to Praniti aka d lil devil ^:)^^:)^:)^

Boreeeeeeeeddddddddddd...... :D

Why do people get bored? How many times have we heard this? What are you doing now? Oh!!! Am soooooo booreddd!!! ;-) So many times isn’t it? Well I decided to think why I or so many of us are getting bored? Some of the most common reasons are because we end up doing the same thing everyday and crave to do something new, or we end up having a lot of free time and don’t know what to do about it. Why do we keep saying we are bored, why don’t we try to do something to keep us occupied? How can we escape this boredom? Why don’t we start doing something creative , let the mind think of crazy ideas , go wild in your thoughts , come on you need not do whatever you think , but we can think about so many things , which cant be done in reality and if possible achieve some of our dreams isn’t it? Most of the times when we are bored , we feel like the clock isn’t moving , we are stuck at one place and so want the clock to move faster than ever!

But when I decided to write about boredom, I went through a few websites to understand it better and write something meaningful and what I read was “Far from being a minor annoyance, boredom can have major negative impacts on people. Perhaps more importantly, boredom is often a symptom of deeper problems, such as depression, ineffective teaching, or ineffective management in a workplace.” So I guess I need to think a lot now about why am getting bored: D ,on a serious note , we all should start trying to concentrate on something rather than being bored . As they say “An idle mind is a devils workshop” so don’t keep your mind idle whenever you are bored the next time , try to do something which you always wanted to do , try going out for a pleasant walk ,try out a new recipe u always wanted to do ,call up your school mate you always wanted to , but didn’t have time to call them , take up your favorite book and lie down in your bed ,do something useful ,because boredom eventually leads us to depression and we all don’t want that . One of the best ways to get rid of boredom is Meditation. Meditation helps to calm the mind, and it works for everyone. I remember a time in my school days, when we had compulsory meditation before our lunch hour and I used to hate it so much, all of us used to be so hungry and were waiting for the bell to ring to run and eat: D .Now when I think of it I think I could have used the time to concentrate and get some relief , well anyway I was too young to understand it , so now I think I should start to do my meditation seriously and get along with my life ,and as I write I get deviated from my topic :D , so boredom should be handled in such a way , we should like what we do , we cant do something else and end up getting bored , just because your friend joined the music class , don’t run to enroll your name there , think if you like it and then join it , else you will end up getting even more bored .so don’t allow boredom to push you deep inside a tunnel , where u get depressed and start thinking of sad things in your life , life out there has so much to give us , we have loads and loads of things to enjoy in this world , so get rid of your boredom enter the cheerful life and have fun , I am trying to get rid of my boredom by writing, or reading my favorite books my first attempt and hope I get some more things to do , so will you ….b-)

So try to get your mind thinking the next time you get bored, just don’t star at your ceiling and think Man am bored I got nothing to do, and as am one of the persons who is bored the most, I would like you people who read this to give me and all the other readers some of your innovative ideas as to how to get rid of boredom .and am sure once we get rid of this boredom in our life , we or at least I can achieve something too with my boring life………:P

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Laughter attack........!!! =))

Someone once told me its all in the facial expressions. If you can project the right expression at the right time and place, people will connect to you better, reading the unspoken messages written all over the face.

I am one of the very, very smiley person, n almost everyone who knows me can vouch for tht. I smile a lot, infact all the time, n i laugh even more than that. I guess its just a habit or rather a childhood problem, as i keep telling everyone, who asks me to shut up!!!=)) if i evn care what others think :p, whether i am with my close frenz or just anyone new or even strangers, i cant control my laughter, n keep on laughing n smiling like an idiot as if i just found out that Johnny Depp loves me too =))......i know, i know....dnt remind me im crazy,bt im allowed to dream rite!!!....Some people do find my laughter attacks to be weird when they first meet me, but gradually everyone does get used to it and even start tolerating me, eventhough they know im insane, or maybe cuz they realize tht fact=))Unfortunately, im sure there are quite a large number of people who think that im totally crazy, n must've banged my head somewhere to act like im so sorry to disappoint those people cuz i really was born this crazy=))

On the other hand, when im not too hyper or laughing hysterically, which is a very rare occasion, it does not necessarily mean im in a bad mood or unhappy. Sometimes i wonder if its because i laugh too much that wen im nt laughing people start to think i must've slept on the wrong side of the bed, or swallowed a spoon or something=)) Come on people gimme a break, there are times that i could be too tired or sleepy....oops sorry i forgot, i dnt sleep=)) the point is , that it does not mean i have problems or issues, as if i wud die if i do not laugh in the next few minutes...*rolls eyes*...hehe :p

The most frequent question people ask me is ,"why do u keep on laughing?"....n mind you, this is askd wid wonder n astonishment at my rare capability to laugh continously n for no reason at all=)) u think i can create a world record????...*raised eyebrow*...anywayz,gettin bak to the topic, my answr is simple, because I AM CRAZY!!! a childhood problem and because i dun have anythng bttr to do=))but on a serious note, laughing is a sign of being positive.....and atleast 9 out of 10 times, people would join you ....u cud be makin sumone's day a better one.
Laughter can mean so many things, it can be a welcome, or simply a way of showing delight and joy of seeing and being with another person, or a mask to seal away all the sorrow and pain deep inside.Whatever the reason and purpose of laughter, it definately makes things look positive and it can even make gloomy days bright.
So, keep on smiling and laughing, coz u never know u mite be helping brighten some1 else's day!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Reflections in time...

The journey, the voyage, to no clear destination seemed a void, which did not have any fortune in store for me. My soul, one knows where. The drive from the east coast to the west, i thought, would relieve some of the pain i had striven to endure throughout my life...a life full of battles, many of which i had lost. Though the journey, another battle, against time, was an appendage to my pains, but for once i did not give up. I longed to fulfill my last wish, my last desire, though i could not see through the mist in my head- i did not know what it was. Yet, i was to discover that soon. I somehow figured, in my fading hours, i thought of what i had achieved in life...more so, what i can achieve in life.

I see the sparkling water now. I stepped on the I sat on a rock and gazed across the ocean, i looked around...everyone was happy, cheerful...i was happy for them...i was happy for them for they were not like me...I looked across the sea again. The sun, now almost fully drowned in the ever so elegant sea, appeared as a giant ball of fire, worn out in the sands of time. The rest of the sky gleamed with the good-bye's of the sun, shining far across mainland. The scenario, as magical and enchanting as dreams themselves, left me spellbound, dazed and as still as a figurine, boasting of seeing the ever so beautiful sunset. The sunset, no less than a masterpiece was its utmost best. Reality, i thought...what i had not faced. Though, i forgot all that. I was content, satisfied however, in a strangely uncomplicated manner. Maybe because this was my last wish. Yes, it was my last wish...happy, more than ever, content, more than ever...i lay down on the loose sand...



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