Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 23 - A letter to someone who hurt you?

Dear X,

I have written something way long back, which will make you cringe and dwarf with shame, if at all you get the chance to read it. But hey!, I forgot, you dont have a consiencse right?

I do want to tell you though, I forgive very easily, but sadly for you, I don't have it in me to FORGET ( Blame it on my memory :P, Just so you have something to blame on me...see I have helped you out even here!)

it will be too long and boring for my readers to read too, so here is an extract of it. I know you might not read it, but hopefully it reaches you :). Hopefully your snooping habits will land you here :D

I do feel cheated and betrayed,

But HEY, I blame only myself.

That ought to cool your FROZEN HEART!

You know what irks me even now?

The way you wear the ANGEL MASK!

The way you portray yourself to the world,

Of what a kind hearted soul you are??


FYI : I have been hurt by a lot of people , like everyone else have. I am NORMAL after all and not some saviour who will forgive and make up!

But just so you know peeps, I don't give a damn!



Coming up next "

Day 24 - Nicknames you have & why do you have them?"

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