Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 12 - Your favorite season and why.

Being from Chennai, we are blessed to have only one season through out the year - Summer!

Okay! to be realistic, our seasons range from mild summer to summer with occasional or surprising drizzle to summer, followed by hot summer, hotter summer and hottest summer. Throw in an occasional bout of rainfall here and there, we have described Chennai's seasons, most commonly referred in outside circles as Chennai's HEAT!

Since, am ignorant about the other season's due to my geographical location, I want to play safe and say the actual Summer in the month of MAY, may be my favorite season :-)

Why May? Well, I hardly cared about the other months during my early ages in life , cos come may and I get my birthday, thereby I can be the Princess. Not that I wasn't treated as a princess otherwise. But you get my point right?

Birthday in the holidays can be a boon and a bane. Boon nowadays, because I don't need to take leave from work to REST ( Not Enjoy, Rest dear folks! :P) Bane only because I couldn't wear a color dress and have a punishment/scolding free day at school :)

Anyway, May the summer days with the wonderful seasonal juicy fruits and vacations can never be compared to other boring months! :P ...Now as you see, am trying hard to find other good things about May, other than the remarkable month of me, a Princess being born :P, But I wont trouble you any further, expect to announce that on May 8th a fateful day in the year of 1985,(8-5-85 - Fancy number peeps Yay!) a legend was born. Hence the favoritism. Any cribbing's??

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