Monday, December 18, 2006

wherever you go your network follows u...:P

The caption seems familiar doesn’t it?? But no am not going to talk about hutch.....not exactly. But these mobile services have so many catchy lines...yet do we really get the coverage anywhere?? Leave about using hutch and quite satisfied with it, but I have a friend, let’s name that person as Mr.X. He/she is one of the subscribers of the hutch network and I don’t think his/her hutch dog is faithful to him/her [-x..........:P

Let me jus point out some of the features of the specialty in his/her hutch network........:D

1) You can never reach him/her when the person is at home...only when he /she are outside you can reach the person.

2) When you receive a call from that person and your line gets disconnected and you try can’t reach him/her Whoa! In hardly few seconds the network gets jammed or what??

3) When you receive a message from that person, he/she ought to have the network to send you a message right, but when you reply, you get the delivery message after a minimum of 10 hrs...

4) You try to call this person when he/she is outside ...yet again you get either a engaged tone or not reachable message.

5) You want to contact during any case of emergency ....sorry you don’t have the network.

6)He/she wants to contact you ....there he/she gets the network to contact you.....=))

7)And last but not the least the phone is never switched off ..........:-j

Some special value added features =))

1) You call this person and the call gets disconnected and voila u get a call back in a few seconds , so you really need not waste your money trying to call this person....all calls are free....:D

2) If at all you hear an engaged tone from this number ...please don’t waste your time for the next 2-3 hours because it will be engaged for 2 more hours as call waiting has been removed purposely ......:P

3) You want any sort of help from him/her just have to spill it out and its done , no matter who you are....=))

How I wish, I had a magical network like this....which allows me to contact anyone only when I want to , else am not reachable...and not be disturbed by any other unwanted caller =))

Note: This is a fictional work and any characters having any resemblances to any real person is not intentional.

My most memorable trip...\:/d\:d/

My trip to Delhi was my dream vacation….not because I liked Delhi so much, in fact I hardly visited any tourist spots in Delhi. Yet the people I met there have made a deep impact on me. Who did I meet, my friends, my relatives, childhood friends??? No I met my online friends :D , My friends from ORKUT. Well to be honest about it, I never thought I would make online friends let alone meet them. I have known these people just for a couple of months ….an yet the fun I had with them can’t be expressed in words. To make the long story short let me just tell you guys what I did instead of going on nd on about my friends :P

December 7th :

I am in Delhi staying with my cousins and I have promised to meet my online sister manshi around 1 PM …and yeah! I changed the timings a lot because I had to be dropped off by my cousin at a place called ashram. I have just spoken to this girl for 6 months, have seen pictures and shared secrets,yet I was so anxious, how will she be in real, am I going to meet the same girl or will she be a total stranger??? Lot of thoughts in my head ….and I had promised her I would stay with her for four days too. so was really confused and when I met her I was like whoaaaaaaa…….she is so tiny (just my first impression ) is she elder to me?? She came forward and hugged me, then she told me the plans for the day, that I had to meet suefa , poorva the same day. I was like what???? I have my bags with me and I have come like a beggar :O :P…yet I had to go =((……so I followed her like mary’s little lamb and we reached a place called CP . there we called up poorva and met up at PIZZA HUT . I was happy to see that manshi was the same cute big sister and there I see two more sweethearts poorva and suefa and we start talking like we have been friends for years and not months and as if we have met each other daily , there was no awkwardness at all , we got along so well like a house on fire =)) we started talking talking….and poorva called up rachit so rachit came straight from his college too ….we could not sit in the pizza hut for a long time in the fear of being thrown out :P , so we moved from the pizza hut and were just roaming the streets of Delhi and talking with each other ….soon we realized we had to take pictures to make the people around us jealous =)) so we had a photo session for about one hour in the streets …..we had so much fun taking pictures and calling up total strangers to take our pictures….and surprise pooorva’s parent’s allowed her for the night stay too…\:d/\:d/ . we were so tired after all the fun and from the continuous laughing session too :P ,So suefa and rachit left : (( but me poorva and manshi went straight to manshis place . as soon as I entered her room …….me being the net addict went to the system while manshi and poorva went to get the dinner :P and then you guys cant imagine how much fun we had , it was a total girls night out and we took a lot of snaps like we were totally crazy……we talked , laughed , ate , gossiped etc etc…D we didn’t feel like we missed suefa because she was with us in the phone all the time =)) and I slept of as I was talking……..:P

December 8th:

I have stayed with my online friends without any problems…now I became very comfortable too. Today we had no big plans, poorva had to leave now, so we got up early morning around 9 AM and left manshi’s home, after poorva left manshi took me to another market , I had started enjoying the new place a lot , I tried a lot of local food in the market and we started shopping \:d/\:d/ we spent like hours in shopping :P, I ate cotton candy too :D…. and then we got a call to meet sehran. so we left the market loaded with shopping bags and met sehran , he was also the same guy I had spoken to , none of them had an artificial personality like I had expected :P and we spoke with him for some time and had to leave for manshis place again. We had to reach early so we left and were so tired by the time we went to her place, I just went and fell on the bed immediately :P …we had reached early , but we had to go and have our dinner ….so after taking rest for sometime , we went to some mall and we had our dinner , there I met manshis best friend komal .he was friendly even though he didn’t know me at all …:D

It was freezing cold in the streets of Delhi :-ss :D and we returned after our dinner , we had our share of sisters talk in the nights , as we were busy roaming around in the morning and then what ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz…..:P

December 9th:

Yet another day over and today we slept a lot after roaming around like crazy for two days , today our plans included shopping yeah! ….again and meeting up shalini \:d/ …so I was excited for both…:D we left home a little late in the morning and went to CP again. I was so hungry that I didn’t wait for shalini to arrive and started eating………:P ….shalini came inside and was like seno??? I was like yeah…:D and we hugged each other and started talking …manshi had to go out for a while …..and we both were just talking away to glory…=)) shalini was very cool….i loved talking with her and yeah we had to have a photo session with shalini too….:P and we took a lot of pictures again ……shlini kept clicling my pictures in various poses =)) ….and did I forget to mention all the days I was treated like a princess…..:D…then shalu invited me over to her place for chloe bature for the next day =p~=p~ and she left …: ) …..we left for shopping again …=)) and by the end of the day we had loads of shopping bags again…:p ,manshi was so sweet to help me with all the shopping and most important carrying all thoem home…:D….but this day ..we were so worn out….we just went out for dinner and when we were back both of us hit the sack immediately……..:D

December 10th:

Yeah my last day at manshis place =((…..we had enjoyed so much in these three days , its really hard to say bye…: ( . I got up and packed my things and started getting ready….manshi woke up and helped me with my packing ….we werent going anywhere today. She just had to drop me off at ashram for shalini to pick me up. We didn’t talk much today , I guess it was too painful for both of us to talk on this day …….we just had the common talk nothing special , both of us knew parting was hard. it was just three days with her …yet it was like my life’s most memorable three days ….i still miss her =((

So we left her place and she dropped me at ashram where shalini took me to her home

In shalini’s home they had prepared the menu consulting my friends:O=)) I wasn’t there for a long time , but they really made me feel like a celebrity :D …her mom was so sweet with me and she prepared so much for me to eat =)) …next I met her little sister parul too .she is damn cute and soft spoken unlike shalini :P….we ate and then chatted for a while and again I logged in…:p to check my orkut scraps and then I got a call from my cousin , so I had to leave ….but not before stuffing me with loads of ice cream =))…..her sister kept taking pictures till the lift door was closed :o :D….and then I left to my cousins place but still spoke with everyone on the phone….:D


Manshi : she is just the perfect elder sister anyone can ask for , she bared with me for three whole days =)) ….. and she is far more better when you meet her . I miss her a lot ……but say what I got a real sister for keeps and am happy for that ….and next time I have promised her I would land directly in her home=)) she is like the perfect example for beauty and brains :P

: Ahhhhhh!! Here comes the turn for my crazy twin ….we didn’t get to spend a long time together ….because she had to go for a wedding ….she is a lot of fun to be with. She is crazy I know that ….but not too much like me……:P. but loved every minute talking to her.

Poorva: Dark chocolate babe …:P…she is like a teddy bear, who you would love to hug and talk with……..we had great fun on our night out …..Some of the pictures came out weird…:P but yet love ya loads >:d<

Rachit: He is definitely a sweetheart .he is just a very simple and cute guy, who would never accept me as hi sister : ( …:P …so innocent and pure at heart , and made me feel very comfortable .The Perfect Gentleman…b-)

Sehran: The song composer …:P .yeah! he has compoased a song just dedicated to me and he was the one who took pains to scrap me and force me to meet him =)). it was great to meet an upcoming music director …:D…his songs rawkkk!!

Shalini : She is like a bottle of honey …:P . so sweet…she invited me to her home, took pains to prepare a menu even for me ….seriously no one has made me feel so special. Thanks a lot babes .love ya soooooooo much :D


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