Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 08 - Short term goals for this month and why?

Short term goals, as in work? :P

1. Well, now there are too many things happening in personal front. I would like to choose the "Loosing Weight" campaign as of now, because it has the highest weightage...erm, priority.

I am trying my best, lets see. :) Maybe am just destined to be fat forever! :-D.

Trying can't be that hard!! Can it??

2. Planning my Finances. Oops! Did I just say it aloud?? Does it mean, I ought to be careful?? Nay! It means I need to loose my credit card ;-)

3. Study Psychology. June, here I come!

4. Tomorrow can be included in short term plans right? Well then wish me luck! Reason will be revealed only if the venture is a success :-D...those in the know, kindly don't steal MY thunder :P

5. Write, Write and Write some more. I know some, Okay! MOST of you are already bored of my ramblings, but I sure aint! *mwahahha*

6. Read, more of career enhancing books than fictional novels :P

Lookie! I just have manged to successfully list my gibberish into 6 points. Way to go! :D

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