Saturday, January 27, 2007

My second attempt at poetry ...dedicated to my special frend...!!!

I found a friend in u,
when i needed one so badly.
I left all my past behind,
in d joy of getting a true frend!

U r d one who lends me an ear
in times of need,
and corrects me when im wrong.
U r d one who made me feel myself again,
when i thot i had lost myself
deep in d past.
U r d one who bought a smile to my face,
which is thr whenever u r arnd.

U made me feel good,
U made me realise i aint so bad afterall,
U r d one who shared all d secrets with me
made me feel spl
and talked to me no matter wat u r doing.

All d days we spoke
I felt lively and gay,
but now i feel sumthing hollow...

We may have never met...
but still d distance makes me ache.
missing d times we used to spend,
keeps telling me everyday sumthing isnt rite
and that is YoU!!!

U r missing now..
so near yet so far
missing u
missing d fites with u
missing d sharing with u
missing d frend in u
missing d teacher in u
missing d dad in u
missing d time spent with u

Hoping to get back to d same old times
and bring back my smile
Frend i need u and i miss u!!!


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