Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 11 - Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.

My zodiac sign is Taurus - The Bull!

I don't have much belief in astrology in general, but i was fascinated by Linda Goodman. She has described ME so aptly!

Instead of writing down, my philosophy or way of thinking, am going to make you read Linda Goodman's version of me and let you be the judge.

Those who have all the patience in this world and most importantly Love me ( ;-) ), you can go through the above link, otherwise you can always read my brief extract from the above link, given below.

A Taurus female is a tall woman. Even if she measures under five feet, she can reach tall enough to meet almost any emergency life chooses to throw her way. In many ways, the Taurean female is the salt of the earth, a combination of most of the sterling qualities every male looks for and seldom finds. She may have a violent temper that would frighten a strong man into runing for the woods (or at least ducking under a table), but she won't go on a raging rampage without provocation. Ordinarily, if you don't torment her bond of human endurance, or if Fate doesn't hand her a really rough bunch of cards, she'll play the game of life freely, with cool, admirable calm. Her candor and basic honesty are undiluted with normal feminine tricks like tears. The Taurean girl has more moral and emotional courage than many a tough male, but she has enough confidence in her own sex to let you be the boss, if you want the job. If you don't fill it, she may grab control and run things herself, but she'd much rather have it the other way around. She seeks a real man. That's because she shows she's a real woman, and she's proud of it. To her, being a woman doesn't necessarily mean being an incorrigible flirt, a mental fluff ball or a mewing kitten who pretends to be weak to get her own way. It won't be long before you see she has a mind of her own, and it's quite strong enough not to have to resort to teasing to gain an objective.

PS: I would really recommend you to go through Linda Goodman's link. :-)

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