Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 24 - Nicknames you have & why do you have them

Having a short name and a sweet personality, prevents people from naming me! :D

  • Kannama/ Bahrain Queen - Okay don't laugh, but my dad used to be always too proud of me and used to call me endearingly with these names :-) .

Other than that, I dont remember anymore as there is no significant name which caught on!

  • My mom calls me PraBBBHHHHAAA , Praaaaabha, PRABHAAA etc etc depending on her mood and my actions :P. i.e., each way of calling me is directly proportional to the amount of anger, love, frustration etc she has on me at that point of time! :P
  • Around five years back, with the internet boom making its presence on me, I got a name or rather an Alter Ego! named SEN or Seno. This name is still prevelant amongst certain circles and people prefer this name and strangely, I respond to it as much as I respond to my name.

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