Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year Resolutions!!

My New Year Resolutions or rather Commandments I have imposed on myself :))

1. Live Life to the fullest . Live every day like you are gonna DIE tomorrow, cos who knows u might and you wont be able to regret later :P

2. Talk Less, Listen More.

3. Laugh a lot.

4. Give a Smile to 5 strangers a day. Help to spread it.

5. Try to do a GOOD deed every week , if not everyday!

6. Don't regret about the past , look forward to the future.

7. Help more , Expect less.

8. Try to be in touch with friends more. Put an Xtra effort. a mail/ message can do it!

9. Love yourself. Understand how beautiful you are as a person.

10. Learn something NEW! can be a language, a recipe anything

11. Make more friends

12. Forgive and forget the people who have hurt you.

13. Learn to appreciate the smaller things in life.

14. Reduce ANGER! Not worth it.

15. Be Fit. Try to Exercise at least three times a week!

16. Try meditation or Yoga again three times a week in the least.

17. Try to help a complete Stranger whenever you get the opportunity!

18. Try not to take the close Friends/ relatives or MOM for granted.

19. Booze, Party , Have fun !

20. Try to do the things you have been wanting to do, but could not due to some crazy reasons.

21. LIVE :: LOVE :: LAUGH ! :)

22. Go to an orphanage once a year!

23. Go and feed animals in BLUE CROSS once a year!

24. Don't care about people who bitch about you! cos frankly they r jealous of you :P

25. Last but not the least try to follow these Resolutions as much as possible :P

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Never in the last eight years, did I think, I would savor these words as much as am doing now. I know , I have only myself to blame!! But who cares as long as I am happy now :-D. I always have been stupid enough to think that am happy because am in a relationship , someone is out there to love me and care for me , but trust me , after being single, I finally feel free , feel happy and most importantly feel MYSELF !!

I have realized, am a person who should not be restricted, I need to have my space and right now am enjoying every minute of my single status before its rudely going to be snatched from me LOL! I enjoy being myself finally!! but on the pessimistic side, I have almost lost my interest in guys! 8-|

Right now, am a very happy person , and am writing this because I want to know in the future that Today am a happy person cos i took the right decision in breaking off with my Ex BF !! Thank you ex LOL !!

Starts singing and dancing in joy!!


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