Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 09 - Something you’re proud of in the past few days.

I wrote a poem, honoring my mom for women's day and am very proud of it! *Self boasting helps, when others don't" (?) :P

So here we go!!

Well this is my dedication to the most wonderful women in my Life *Womens day Special Peeps*

God created an Angel,
to handle his favorite KID!
Superfluous, Benevolent,
Amiable at that!
To alleviate my fears,
To kindle my thoughts,
To lavish love on thy!
Aint me lucky?

You believed you were blessed,
when I landed on your arms,
But trust me,
There aint any soul luckier!
There aint any soul happier!

You cuddled, as I shrieked,
You hugged, as I shivered,
You comforted, as I rebelled,
You crumbled, as I cried.

Is there a selfless soul as thy?
Is there any sacrifices left?
Is there anymore Patience to endure?

Is there words to describe my love?
Is there....

I love you, my dear friend
I love you, my dear confidant
I love you, my dear well wisher
I love you, my dear sister
I love you, my dear angel
I love you, my dear Mom!

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