Sunday, November 29, 2009

As THEY sow, so WE Reap!

As they SOW,

So WE Reap!

How far have the women in India come forward to claim their rights?

If anyone had asked me this question last week, with complete ignorance I would have replied. " A lot" . My vision of women empowerment or independence for this matter has been narrowly restricted to the confines of my upbringing, school, college and work place, where I should not deny that women have been treated with respect and dignity.
I for one have always been from childhood, extremely sensitive about the equality of men and women and would never leave a stone unturned to make my point clear to any male chauvinist I happen to encounter.

But fortunately or rather unfortunately, I happened visit my Native village, and a couple of other villages around it and Man was I shocked by the way women behave( NOTE: i did not mention men ill treat the women. cos that is the bitter truth) I was extremely saddened by the plight of these women who are brought up in a place, where they cant even feel the independence and surely don't lack it.

And I am truly ashamed to say that I could not voice my opinions for the fear of ruining their sentiments and so called culture. what would they think of me ? 'As a independent women showing growth'? No. As a stubborn , arrogant women who lacks respect for men. shortly a female chauvinist. But hey! am not one. I speak about equality.

When will these women realize they are being walked upon on? why is it that in a construction/ agricultural field they are payed way less than that of men, even though they work and toil themselves equally if not more than men?

These are almost the first generation of women who went to WORK. Sadly, it is we who have fed on what they have toiled hard to produce who speak of equality, feminism and everything while they are not even sure they exist?

This is not a plea or a disgrace. This is just an eye opener for me! :-(


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