Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Marriages through E-Matrimony!!

When I Look at my blog Posting Page, All i see is Drafts which had at one time been waiting to be published but the Laziness of this Writer has made them sit there forever . So i decided that if i take time to write a blog, i will make sure i finish it. And by boldly saying this I know , first of all I have to finish this one :| :P at least by the end of the day. Today priyankas scrap has made me realize i have neglected not one but both of my blogs. I have finished writing up some crap for that one. But this one, would have to use my Creativity (Hopefully I have it).

Well right now one of my friends parents have started looking for a guy for her. And i will explain to you the process they used with the maximum information I have. I know not everyone's marriage is finalized this way. But yet a lot of people might agree with me on this one ;-)

First parents come to the girl/Guy, keep asking her/him "its time for you to get married beta". The first time the children shrug it off, then once the parents become more and more persistent, the children after making up all excuses they can think of, finally accept and say " yeah go ahead". These are the words which any Mom or Dad needs to hear and the Mom tells the daughter , "you don't worry , only if u like the guy, You need to marry him." or vice versa (SInce they r happy that their children did not fall into the web of LOve ;-) )

All done, Guy/Girl is relieved that the Nagging period is over and goes to work. The parent as soon as talking to their children Log into ,, etc etc. They create an Online profile for their children . When did this trend become so popular? Not long back ,when i was in 10th or 11th grade my parents used to be talking about my cousins marriage. there all the horoscopes were hand picked from highly trusted people who would be ready to give a Highly recommended testimonial about the Guy/ Girl. once that was settled, the parents would exchange horoscopes and the procedure would move on from there. I ain't complaining here . But when majority of the people still think that chatting and online acquaintance is to be doubted, how can this trend become so popular.How can someone accept a proposal from someone named M1366592 ??? Maybe I am a die hard romantic but this E- matrimony thing does not fit my Bill at all. I believe in falling in Love and all romantic, mushy mushy crap! even while am saying this that millions of hopeful parents maybe including mine *Gulp* are filling out profiles or looking for M344512 and M5681134 to decide the perfect choice for their children!

Call me traditional, but even as time changes, I would not like to get married to M341289!!! I prefer a real person with a name even if it is an arranged marriage. Well my friend who i was referring to earlier and who gave me a topic for this blog was not so lucky. Her parents created a profile the day she said Yes! and the third day they got a match and she has met this M23456 who has a name now, but unfortunately she is not seeing any sparks flying!!!

Who knows what I will land up in future. with the trend creating popularity and making things easier, maybe our destined choices might be a 7 digit code waiting for us at CCD or barista and make polite conversation (as it happened with my frend) and be happy that his/her parents choice of the 7 digit code was indeed good.

PS: am not against the sites which do this, but against the Whole concept!

So for all of you reading this blog, i hope that You fall for a real person than a M453671 !! Romantic fools like me are advised to be cautious :P....:)

and well my knight in shinning Armour has turned out to be a Looser in aluminum foil, but if we sort out things ,he may become the knight in shining Armour again after all LOL :d!

Cheers to all the people to have found their Mr. Right from these E matrimony sites!!


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