Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rainbow !!

Why an Rainbow eh ? Might be one of the questions your mind must be thinking, when you are reading this. Welll...I realized two things, a couple of weeks back,
1) I have a blog for like almost three years , but did I ever think about WRITING , when it was and is one of my passions? Why did I waste so much time, when I could have written so much and by now I would have become an Average Blogger (Not being modest, I know how I write . and yeah I am a self critic, but just to make me better :P)
2) Most of my posts are SAD. I don't mean to say writing about sad things is bad. But Why not something Vibrant and cheerful? Can I not make such stuff?? I know I sure as hell can, that too when I have another BLOG devoted just for my cribbing LOL. I sure can make this a Happier one right.

And now coming back to the question in your mind, which I haven't answered so far :P, I am writing about Rainbows to Answer both my above said Questions.

If you have been closely following my blogs, Maybe you missed this , I am suddenly tagging all my posts :P ...yes this was to Inspire me to write more and more. Still not clear enough right?

Well I had told myself two months back, that I will motivate myself to write more and in the end I will declare it also in the blog to inspire me more :P. So the first Theme / Topic I could come up with was RAINBOW !!

The colors in the blog are labels to my posts though not completely appropriate , I just tried to infuse it into my blog somehow to make me motivated LOL !!

The colors are as follows ...


V - Violet - Goody Bye HOUSE !!

I - Indigo - Valentines day :: 2009!!

B - Blue - Feeling Blue...

G - Green - A small token of Love for my Best friend who is getting married!

Y - Yellow - Happy Women's day ! :)

O - Orange - Men - You cannot live with them, You cannot live without them!

R - Red - Blood is thicker than water?

Grey - shattered :'(

Yeah so the Colors of the Rainbow, can make anyone from SIX to SIXTY smile and be happy. SO this post of mine which is co incidentally on HOLI the festival of colors is a dedication to how beautiful life Really is! I know i added the Grey color to show that life may not always be all cheerful and bright , but one Grey cloud does not make you not to want to see and experience the RAINBOW right?

I want each one of you reading my blog to realize how beautiful your life is , and if at all its a lil gloomy with the Grey clouds, just let the clouds pass away, because thats when you can really see the rainbow. So try fining the colors of your life nah?? All I wish I can do by this post is make you guys smile at the small pleasures you are thinking of which might have brightened and colored your life one day or the other

So here is it :: Cheers to a beautiful Life ahead and not to forget the topic colorful :P

And yeah happy Holi people !!

And Here is another round of cheers for me being so creative and motivating myself * pats self on d bak :D* and for many more themes and for all the stupid and bright idea to flow out of my head to keep you guys entertained! :)

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