Saturday, March 28, 2009


Love is but a misery,
Yet knowingly the heart ventured
Ready to strip the soul
Defenseless dedication and adoration
Etched in every nerve for you,
Yet you never seem to notice!

When I needed Protection,
When I craved for shelter,
When I wanted to disintegrate,
From myself and the world,
You promised hope, you promised love,
Of a future which mocks me now.
And a lonely lost woman was born.

She created a castle in her paradise island,
Where love conquers but never destroys,
The struggle, the pain, the hardship,
Seemed all worthy,
As I watched through the eyes of
The lonely and lost woman in the castle.

It shook me to see your negligence,
You never seemed interested enough to care,
You were in your own world,
Throwing bits and pieces once in a while
You took her for granted,
When all she wanted was YOU!

But did her hope extinguish?
It only forced her to live in dreams,
For it was less painful and cherishable
She continued to strive against the odds!

Till one fine day, you walked in,
And broke the castle, little knowing
That you broke the only resident
The lonely lost woman
Along with her castle and dreams!

As she looks with sad eyes,
Filled with tears and regret,
Her pride refuses to call out to you!!
She endures the suffering, as she
Is broken apart along with the castle.

Did you stop to care?
Did you ever realize , what you have done?
As she tried to mask her fears,
As she struggles to survive
She smiles for the world,
While sobbing deep inside her.
She laughs, she talks, she breathes
With an enormous effort
Fearing the fakeness creeping inside!
Why did you have to rip her apart?
And then turn away, like it never mattered?

Did she not deserve some Care?
Did here eyes not plead with you?
How could you be so rude?
How could you kill her?

As you happily march past her,
She sits and watches with a longing
That can never EVER bring her back.

Thanks for the Betrayal!


  1. Amazing Poem..
    D pic made me remember somethng i recently told a friend...

    "...Why did I break up with him?...
    Its like, I sat down and looked at the situation, all the pieces lying on the floor, it just wasn't a puzzle anymore... None of the pieces fit together. And even if I tried really hard, the pieces, well they were two different puzzles. That's why I did it..."

    lotsa luv,

  2. Thanks annie. I feel the same about the relationship right now. Am wondering how do the puzzles not fit anymore?

    Anyway thanks for liking the poem :)



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