Sunday, March 22, 2009

111 Truths :: Self tagged!!

Tagged by SELF ! :-P
1. Last beverage? Tea. Yesterday morning at 10 :O :-D
2. Last phone call? Ram ( it almost always is...PS: my bro :D)
3. Last text message? From Vodofone(LOL) ...To : Eh... my colleague
4. Last song you listened to? Tere mere beech mein....ek duje keliye (M in love with it again for now!)
5. Last time you cried? Let me think ....:-?? No idea...WOW...arrr..Feb 25th my dads birthday :|


6. Dated someone twice? Do you mean after the relationship is over? Nah, Never!
7. Been cheated on? Emotionally cheated yes. Else NO!
8. Kissed someone & regretted it? Been kissed by someone and regretted it :|
9. Lost someone special? Lost almost everyone i loved :| Esp my DAD ! :'(
10. Been depressed?The question should be "ever been out of depression?" :| Ouch these truths hurt :'(
11. Been drunk and threw up? too embarrassed but YES !! :-D

1. Black
2. Blue
3. Baby Pink
4. Violet

13. Made new friends? Yeah, all the time!! :-D
14. Fallen out of love? Yes, but was one of the hardest things to do!and still unsuccessful !!
15. Laughed until you cried? I dont have anything better to do than Laugh!! :-D ...and "laughed till i cried" happened just last weekend, with my mom LOL *when we are on a Virtual matrimonial meet making fun of all the guys haha!* the bonding between mom and daughter <3
16. Met someone who changed you? I get inspired by the good in everyone around me. so yes!
17. Found out who your true friends were? Yes and the Truth was not very pleasant.
18. Found out someone was talking about you? I am so irresistible LOL that people do it all the time hehe. But ask me if i care ;-)
19. Kissed anyone on your friend's list? My ex is in my Friends list :P
20. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life? 80% maybe, others I have know for at least 3 years though we have never met!
21. How many kids do you want to have? No idea! But would love Twins of any kind...identical Pleaseeeee... LOL
22. Do you have any pets? I love pets , mine is sitting in blue cross now and this question so sucks for the timing. Given a chance i would love to live with animals rather than human beings in my paradise island :) *starts dreaming*
23. Do you want to change your name? Err...why ?? *eh ...confused* but NO!
24. What did you do for your last birthday? Now this is a good question. I had a blast at office. First working budday Yayyy!! , was in a relationship back then, so had the kinda first long distance relationship budday ...that was weird LOL. but my colleagues made sure i have a blast and smeared cake all over me *smiles fondly* and then got gazillion calls from all over the globe hehe. Last but not the least , had a second budday cake with my brother and again smeared all over me, and was sitting like a pig in the middle of a park haha!
25. What time did you wake up today?I advice weak hearts not to read this :)) , but yeah i got up at 7 AM. SURPRISE dat too on a sunday LOL....damn work has changed my timings :'( hehe
26. What were you doing at midnight last night? Again Surprise...I was sleeping, Man can you believe it ? let alone you ,even I cant believe it . I blame WORK !! :'(
27. Name something you CANNOT wait for : Eh?? Well i gets whims and fantasies of what I want and at such times, i need them ASAP haha, it may be as simple as an icecream to the diamond pendant LOL
28. Last time you saw your father? :| ..I dunno how such a question can strike me so deep..i was having fun writing this :'( ...Nov 26, 2007 :|:| till 6:10 PM...and never will i see him again. I saw him alive till Nov 26, 2007 2 PM. :|:| shit shit ..sorry i got carried away :'(
29. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life? Shut it down forever maybe? :|
30. Most visited webpage? Orkut, Gmail, Blogger, Raaga, Facebook, Yahoomail, and recently tamilmatrimony LOL


31. What's your name? Prabha Rajagopalan
32. Nicknames? Prabha, Prabhu, Amu , kutty, Prabhs, SENO, sen, cindy, Lala and hell lot more ;-)
33. Relationship Status? SINGLE !! *AM very keen on that one haha ;-) *
34. Zodiac sign? Taurus - The bull!
35. Male or female or transgendered? Female.
36. Elementary school? Some Lakes(Sorry forgot the name :P) (LOL) California, USA.
37. High School? Balalok, Chennai.
38. Colleges? Vels srinivasa , Chennai.
39. Hair color? Black.
40. Long or short? Short.
41. Height? 5'5, pretty average :'( sad I know :'( hehe
42. Do you have a crush on someone? No ..again Sad LOL !! :P
43: Ever been in love? Yes.
44. Piercings?Only ears. I am shit scared of an injection let alone a piercing to have another :P
45. Tattoos? I love them, but heard it hurts so NO :P
46. Righty or lefty? Righty

47. First surgery? So far NONE!
48. First piercing? First and last only ears and i was one year old ! :-D people take advantage even of one year old dese what has the world come to LOL!
49. First best friends? Joy and ALice in elementary school. Then Jyothsna and malar in my primary education * i have no idea where these people are right now but its nice to remember*
50. First sport you joined: Gymnastics :-D ...and yeah i was pretty good at it * fond memories*
51. First pet? a colored chicken. can u believe that ?? HAHA...and yeah it was a Florescent PINK!!
52. First vacation? I have no clue! Maybe bahrain ?? *i was 3 years old, my memory cant get any better :P) or my Native place, cos when i was one, they took me there or am told!
53. First concert? I din know about concerts till very late. But my brothers Mirudangam arengetram LOL ( kinda like the first time you play a musical instrument in front of a crowd after learning it well enough to play in a stage of course!)
54. First crush: A random guy who was married *shit embarrassing even now* . At 12, i was worried that he is married :)
55. Last date? I have never officially been on a date :| so maybe in 2003 December :|:|:|
56. If in a relationship, who proposed to whom? It was kinda mutual. Now not in one!
57. Present best friends? Krupa!!
58. Last vacation? A holy trip to Kalahasthi LOL. Did i forget to mention, am an atheist ?? :P
59. Given a chance to settle anywhere on earth, where would you go? In a Private island! Like i said before, jus me and my pets will do :)
60. Biggest fear? Death :|
61. Last fist fight: I hit my EX 2 weeks back i guess LOL :P
62. Craziest thing you ever did in your life? A lot, some cherishable, some regrettable, but everything worth it to spice up my life :-D
63. Hidden talents? M multi talented LOL....I have an extremely good memory power when am in the right state of mind.
64. The best moments of life? Everyday, Till i was 10 years old!
65. Things you'd like to change about yourself? My craziness, My anger, My fears, My disappointments, My failures, My life, this list can be never ending haha
66. Party animal or couch potato? Couch potato to the core!
67. How do you like to spend weekends? Sleeping, reading books, writing my heart out. and once in a while going out somewhere , right now i want to hit the beach ALONE!
68. Hobbies? Reading, writing, music, blogging, talking ,surfing the net, doing mehandhi, inventing crazy stories inside my mind, laughing (yeah all r my hobbies even if u dont think so:P) haha!
69. Latest movie you watched? Seven pounds...was sad but I liked it !
70. If your girlfriend/boyfriend cheated on you, what would you do? I will give him a second chance. Life is all about making mistakes!
71. The most embarrassing and the most proud moment of your life? Embarrassing- I was in this flight Loo and a guy opened the door. Shit was it embarrassing dammit ( PS: i was very decent)!! Proud- the way I handled my dad's death and the trying time before it after being the pampered princess for 21 years !

72. Eating? Nope
73. Drinking? Nope, but have to have coffee dammit.*screams MUMMMY COFFEEE :P*
74. I'm about to? go to the beach maybe!
75. Listening to? Allu Allu (Tamil song :P)
76. Waiting for? a lot of things. too many to mention here :P

77. Want kids? Yes, i would love to have TWINS! ;-)
78. Want to get married? Not in the near future(though my stars are apparently not in favor of that:P) but hell yeah!
79. Careers in mind? How about a home maker? LOL ...I wanna be a Psychiatrist ! :|

80. Lips or eyes? Eyes...tells more about the person!
81. Hugs or kisses? A warm Hug any day !
82. Shorter or taller? Taller
83. Older or Younger? Def'ly immature kiddish boys for me anymore please !!:P
84. Romantic or spontaneous? Romantic all the way!
85. Nice stomach or nice arms? Eh...never thought about this, but I guess arms!!
86. Sensitive or loud? Either Sensitive or I will show you the way out LOL :P
87. Hook-up or relationship? Relationship leading to a future !!
88. Trouble maker or hesitant? Trouble maker !!

89. Kissed a stranger? ??!!?!?!??
90. Lost glasses/contacts? I have never worn glasses or lenses!
91. Sex on first date? Hell no!
92. Broken someone's heart? I guess yes! but never intentionally !
93. Had your own heart broken? Yes and it sucks !
94. Been arrested? No LOL. but yeah once i went to the police station at 2:00 AM(midnight hehe) cos i was lost during a religious overnight something(it is like going around a huge mountain at midnight and there were millions of people). I and my friend ending up eating all the biscuits, puffed rice and juice from the police men till my mom came to collect us haha!
95. Turned someone down? Yeah!
96. Cried when someone died? :| Dont wanna talk about it !
97. Liked a friend that is a boy? Yeah! But was just a crush that lasted 2 weeks LOL :P

98. Yourself? Yes, but recently not too much!
99. Miracles? No way!
100. Love at first sight? No. Then its all about looks. we are talking about LOVE here people, you need to know the person sheesh! :P
101. Heaven? No.
102. Santa Clause? Would like to believe ;-)
103. Kiss on the first date? A sweet peck on the cheek - yeah, but a lustful one NO! :P
104. Angels? I wish LOL.
105. God? - Not in the least ANYMORE!
106. Devils - I am the devil mwahahah!! :P

107. Is there one person you want to be with right now? I dont want anyone. am sick of relationships right now!
108. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? No. And i never will.Am too good in that way alone :P. For the love of god, i love my bloody ex even now when i can venture into greener pastures LOL
109. Wanted to kill someone ever? - Yeah, I still do: Myself :P
110. Wanted to steal your friend's boyfriend / girlfriend? - LOL NO, NEVER...there is a lot of fish in the sea after all :P
111. Posting this as 111 Truths? Yes. everything is truthful, i can swear by a bible LOL!

I pass on this tag to anyone who are as bored as me in Life lol :P. and yeah i added 11 more ;-)


  1. hey this is nice!!! n it has more questions than d one on my blog!!! i want todo this. is retagging allowed??!!! lolzz...:P

    hell we are twin sista's. awww... jus the part abt reltn are a bit diff.. cz i m still waiting to gt over this phase n reach urs. whr ill say "i m so sick of relationships ryt now" hehe. awesome!


  2. I likes it to the most
    "Proud- the way I handled my dad's death and the trying time before it after being the pampered princess for 21 years !"

    I would be very happy, if you could re-consider changing your opinion on this idea
    "Wanted to kill someone ever? - Yeah, I still do: Myself :P "



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