Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blood is thicker than water?

The title rings some familiar bells doesn't it ?

This has always been a big debate in my family, with most of the elders voting for the former, and the youngsters opting for the later! and me being the youngest have always been debating on how friends are always the best. And No! am not here to debate again. I just attended my cousins wedding last week and i was wondering like how all the cousins stuck like glue in seconds. I had no clue what my cousins were really doing with or in their life unlike my friends who are relatively frequent in contact with me. Call it Blood bonding, but we just clicked like magnets , all the six of us and were jabbering way into the wee hours of dawn! None of us wanted to sleep, it was like a time capsule, each one of us had so little time to describe our life, lifestyle, likes, dislikes but every one wanted to share everything. We ended up having a huge debate revolving relationships, career and Boozing LOL. and being the youngest, i wasn't allowed in the so called ADULT conversation for so long :P . and it felt really good to finally be a part of these conversations.

we have all grown up as kids together, shared a part of our lives since we were too little to understand who we are sharing it with. I guess the saying holds true here, Wine gets better with age, so does relationships at least it holds true with my cousins. I really wrote this as a tribute to all my cousins and the wonderful time we have spent together for so long.

But as usual the water's density and also particularly the Volume has been increasing a lot. Let me make it clearer hehe, my close friends have become closer and precious(density) but I have made,( as everyone does) so many new friends (volume) LOL ! and frankly I am not able to cope up with the volume LOL , i mean at least being in touch is hard and apart from the close ones, if I meet the not so closer ones, I am sure I cant make up such striking and remarkable memories.

So as a conclusion, am forced to say BLOOD is thicker than water practically LOL =))

Nah I have really great friends, dunno what future has in store for me at the friends or relatives end, But i do consider my best friends as my Blood relatives and my close relatives as my best friends LOL.
I consider myself extremely blessed person to be having the best of both the worlds!

Nice conclusion innit? hehe :P


  1. Hi, it is as simple as that "we can't live without both water and blood!!" Nice thinking & Very well written! Applauds :)

  2. well i can totally understand this as that's the same with me every time when i visit my cousins...i get along with them like house on fire even though i meet after i cant really decide but i know i need both Blood and water and i m blessed to have both :-)



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