Thursday, March 19, 2009

My first Blog Award !!

My first Blog award !! Yay!!

You may think am fussing like i have won an oscar? then you are DAMN right =))

I would like to say that, I want to thank my parents, teachers, friends online included:) , colleagues, BOss, and every single person who have directly or indirectly helped me in getting this award :)) LOL!!

Tons of thanks and kisses to Annie ! I have no clue why you gave it to me though :P

What need i say abt My Guardian Angel??? Ur the bestest!!! she in someone who shoots from the mouth, words coming straight from the heart!!! :)

And thanks you apurva for my kinda second award too. Man am i Happy or what hehe!!

I want to dedicate this award to

Nabila - This girl can give anyone a complex when she starts to pen down her poems . You can find it out yourself click here

Ashrita - This girl started blogging very recently and am so confused, why the hell couldn't she have started way back. You are too good. Keep going! Click here to explore!

Anu - My best mate, and an amazing writer when the mood strikes her. She expresses herself very well. Knowing her a lot better , i know how brutally honest her poems/ posts are. A word of caution is advised before entering this highly sensible blog by clicking here

Apurva aka Crazy freak - The little one, who is so chwwet. Dont know much about her, but I like the way she writes and cares for everyone. Your guy is one Lucky DUDE :) Click here, you know you want to ;-)

Gargi - This is a surprise package. She writes so well and about so many issues. I love the way you present your thoughts. Must read CLick here ASAP!

Annie - I give it back to her also, cos she is also one of the most amazing bloggers i have seen so far. and a doubly amazing person with a charming personality! Click here for a good read!


  1. Awww....thats so sweet of u ....Thank u so much
    Love u loads

  2. m your best mate never told me that.. :( even though i always knew it and felt it :P .. hehe.. its like a confirmation now.. god m being a jerk! =)) *plij excuse me.. i blame it on the day*

    and whats with sensibility and me... is it so obvious!!! :D.. lol

    muuuaahhh ... love ya laodsa...
    keep smilin freek :D

  3. congrats m so happy 4 u(over acts),my god i really don beleive it u made it,,,,m so proud of u,man must say oll ur hardwork is paid off(faints wid over acting)lolz



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