Monday, February 2, 2009

Feeling Blue...

Feels like I have fallen in a pit,
being swirled by darkness around me,
its closing up my vision,
am choking, am suffocating,
am so vulnerable, am helpless,
its scaring me, beyond my wildest imaginations!
Not a hand to help!
Not a soul to listen to ma pleas....

I fear my unknown destination,
I fear for my loved ones,
I fear Death, I fear Life!
Fear is my biggest Fear right now,
what am i fearing?
I cry out LOUD!
YET, Not a hand to help,
Not a soul to hear my pleas...

As am entering this black hole,
ma heart feels fainter,
ma screams echo all around me,
All i see is darkness,
All i feel is Darkness,
The cold wind swarms around me,
sending deep shivers all over me
I feel colder and colder..
Yet Not a hand to help,
Not a soul to listen to ma pleas...

Ma voice is way fainter now,
ma eyes have given up the search
Ma heart does not care anymore,
Ma body is too weak to move
All i know is..
am surrounded by darkness,
am shivering, whimpering and weak
And still yet, not a hand to help
Not a soul to hear my pleas...

Am feeling Blue ! :'(


  1. AMAZING! too good.. My kinda poetry, you must have guessed :P Now tell me why are you blue :|

  2. Thank you ASH :)

    Itz jus one of the days where you feel blue for no apparent reasons!! :P...just captured the emotions I go through in this so called poetry LOL !!

  3. heyy!!!!, you always have MY HAND for help jerk!!! .virtually though! :P

    >:D< mwwaaahh!!

  4. hey babes. loved the poem. there are days whn i feel blue too... jus aise hi. no reason. the poem reflects exactly wht i feel on those days..

    even of there is a reason for u to be blue..the reason tht is gettin u down is Gods way of sayin "I have somethng better planned for u. Jst Hold On."

    Lotsa luv,

  5. u say u cant write poetry :O ..u must be joking...ur awesome lady ..just too good....captured the emotion tell me y u blue baby..come give a hug >:D<
    Love ya



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