Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A joyous hearts somersault!

A lonely phase, a lull in my heart,
Broken ties, severed relationships
Betrayal of mortals and immortals alike;
Hardening my shell, constricting me!

Finally a scorch of heat, a spring of joy;
On the hardest terrain; My heart.
A hope of a budding Friendship
Genuine and one in reality!
Makes me confused and ponder,
About the world I revolve around
The safe illusional Virtual bubble!
Can reality peek in? Amidst the coldness?

I let my heart go fonder,
Because of the striking similarities,
the paths we crossed were identical,
The pain of life’s tragedy faced? Miserable!
The sharing to lessen it? Memorable!
Similar thoughts, similar attitudes
From Arrogance to Atheism!

The Mind did not hear the warning bells
The bonding well reciprocated, yells my soul!
Till tragedy struck in a full blow,
Just as the hope swelled,
Turbulence of emotions engulfing me
Distraught, Despair, Betrayal! Yet again?
Unable to react, dumbfounded
Yet the silly heart yearns for the friendship!

As the fear overrides me, I am forced to face the reality,
Pushed into the corner, lonely and lost;
I hear myself shattering, as you see through me
Like we never shared, liked I never exist
The coldness in you, the indifference in you,
Makes my dreadful past surface
With all the pain n misery, eating me alive!

As I gather up myself, to face you yet again
I fear for the coldness, I fear for myself
As fear transforms to anticipation;
And excitement turns to reality,
Sighing at the way Life taunts,
I gather up my wits to face
Yet another cold mundane day
But something entraps my attention
Jerking me to reality, When am far lost in Illusion
The bitter realization of the lost friendship
My body shudders as I Give in my last attempt;
I smile, and I actually see you responding,
O dear god! Am I hallucinating?

The blame game, the anger, the frustration,
Was it really worth the pain?
As we fight, I grin and some more
For gaining the lost! As I ask myself,
Was this melodrama for realization?
Or a brief stint of my Pain dosage for the day?
We are still fighting, blaming and accusing,
My grin is sheepish and I just can’t stop!

Let the awkward pauses fade,
Lets act as if nothing went wrong,
Return me to my Safe Reality bubble
And for once its TRUE ,creating

Multitude of happy tides,
Numerous reasons to smile
Pure joy etched in my heart,
I am happy to be alive!
Because of you my dear Friend!


  1. Beautiful poem! It is better than your best creation!

    But my real reply for you is the last 2 lines from my poem :P

    It is not how hard you get hit, it is how hard you get hit and still keep moving forward!

    Dump the past lovely lady! Time to face your bright future!

  2. Which is my best creation ash :P

    Anyway thanks and ya I mailed you how am gonna move forward ;-)



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