Thursday, February 26, 2009

Goody Bye HOUSE !!

For all those who supported me during my sad phase during my previous post,and all of you who read my blog, am first dedicating this bouquet of Violets. Thank you so much for brightening my life and being with me though my lows and highs. You people , each one of you who read, comment on my blog and talk with me, all the ILMBF gurls, and all my friends enrich my sad life. No words can express my gratitude.

And Yeah! finally the day has come when I am going to leave this home and move to another place. Its like a mix of emotions in my already troubled mind. I feel happy cos this might make a huge change in my life. and another part saddens me to leave this place which was so unlucky in regards with my dads death but still is filled with his memories in every nook and corner. I still am packing and also blogging cos this will be my last post from this house, so am making sure I am filling both my blogs :D

Maybe this is the change I want after all, maybe this is my first step to leave behind the bad memories and start afresh. I like few things about the new house, itz damn close to the beach, so I can walk in the beach everyday :) and also because I have a gang of my crazy college guys there . I hadn't realized till now, how close they were to me. Now we are re bonding big time and am sure those guys will make me more than happy. This is going to bring me back into the Friends circle close to me.

Secondly I know I have to reduce weight, so am going to join something or the other to loose weight.(Not to forget the beach walks or cycling WOW! :D) So the new house will already anticipate two major changes in my life. Hope lots more are there in store for me , like a new guy maybe LOL . My mom is going to start looking seriously, so wish me luck people. I don't want a creep again LOL !

Will meet all you guys and my gracious followers LOL from my new HOME . and my mom has started yelling, got to pack people so Sayanora for now !!


Seno :)


  1. I actually waned to write so much when I read your previous post, it truly moved me and I was highly disturbed knowing how challenging times could be! I could very well understand the sheer pain and sense of uncomfortableness from your bottom of the heart. No matter how consoling our words are the loss you had encountered in unmatchable.
    But "Changes" are the only constant things in life and I am very happy to see your first step of change! I am sure you will get a hubby who will be your 2nd father and a wonderful partner for all times to come! All the Best!

  2. mwwwahhh... love ya!

    will call ya soon gurl.. take care!!~

  3. cute! :) it's nice to know dat ur gonna move on! :)



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