Friday, March 13, 2009

A simple budday wish from my heart to yours!!

A brother so dear
Is hard to find!
Amidst chaos and strangers
I found a soul so naïve
Hard to resist
Harder to Understand

We found each other by fate
We became closer by choice
And here we are
Siblings for eternity!
We may not be bonded by Blood,
But we share a bond deeper
Misunderstood by aplenty
Misjudged by a few
And envied by many!

You have been a constant pool of strength
Actively involved
In the roller coaster
I call my LIFE!
You are bound to fret
When you see my lows!
You fear not for thy
As your presence gives me strength
To make up for all I have lost

Times spent with you
Are cherished forever
You brought back
The tide of happiness
In my ever lonely sad life
The naggings, the dumbness
Every single thing is worth remembrance!

You are my punching bag
When am frustrated!
You are my security blanket
When am scared
You are my best friend
When all I want is to get high
You are my brother
To protect me as I get higher
You are my everything
When I have nothing!

Your Generosity of Love;
Showered upon me is mighty high
Pure and unadulterated
Yet the appreciation is null!

I aint Grateful
I aint thankful
I praise the almighty
For bridging into my life
Such a wonderful soul!

Words don’t show my love
My actions are far contrary
Believe me now
On this beautiful day
An amazing person was born
Who I can never cease to Love
On this day
Here is my token of love
For being the ray of hope
For being my cute little brother
With all my heart I praise you
And wish you a very happy birthday
And blessing of more to come!


  1. thanks fr a grtbday..n da best bday gift:) bout feelin gd....ppl ntn comes close to havin WORLDS BESTEST SISTERRR>:d<...wuvu loads

    irritatin ,naggin, dumb(accordin to u;p) brother........



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