Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A desperate plea ! :P

Let me free, let me spread my wings
Let me fly high, let me fall deep;
Then gather me up, and show your care
Show me your love, like I never flew.
But gimme a chance to fly!

Let me talk, Let me ramble,
Let me till am exhausted, then
Lend me your shoulder to cry
Hug me, kiss me, soothe me
Tell me things will be fine.
Assure me, love me
For am lonely and scared
Confused and withering!

Teach me to talk, teach me to walk
Teach me all simple things
Confess your love as you do!
Make me feel lively, make me a kid again
Pamper me, for am all vulnerable;

Make me melt at your care,
Make me crave for more,
Keep showering unconditionally
I need the love, I need the care
For what you offer is not suffice
For all the hurts of the past!

Get me out of my shell, slowly
Talk to me, tell me how good I am
Tell me how worthy I am; as you,
Confess your love for eternity.

As I am in deep thoughts
Gazing through you, at my past
As the pain of the lost freezes me
Hold me, and sense the pain
The hurt of a broken soul,
Let the hands heal me,
For words cannot soothe the scars!

There is a long way to go
Promise to stay by me;
Promise to heal me;
Promise to love me forever
Promise to make me special!

And then I shall swear to love you
Until death does us apart!


  1. omg!!! u hav no idea hw much these exact words hav been bouncing about in my head!! god i m so inspired... i m goin to write something on d same lines... :) :P

    ur an amazing writer!!! :)
    proud of u!!

    lotsa luv,
    Annie.. mwah!

  2. Thanks annie ...am glad u liked it ...but doesnt it sound a lil too desperate ? :P

    Anyway love ya too

    Mwah >>>:D<<

  3. you are not as weak as you think you are!

    was desperation on purpose?



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