Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Oscar winners of my Love Life !=))

Hey everyone!

With due apologies to everyone who had to endure my poetic phase last month, am posting something which is not a poem now. :P I guess i got carried away by my emotions.

Anyway enough of that, last night I was discussing with my friend about the pathetic state my LOVE life is in LOL =)).

And my friend had the guts to make up a small version of a mini Oscar with my life and I felt embarrassed and good after hearing it. Am not mentioning names though for privacy reasons haha!

The Much awaited Oscar results and nominees have finally been submitted. and I know you are all eager to know the results. so here we go....

BEST FEMALE ACTRESS - Obviously Me! *bows down* I never felt I would be honored enough to be nominated and thinking I have won makes me cry with JOY! I thank all of you for supporting me all the along to achieve this. I would be lying if I say i did not think I will win, cos after all all the forthcoming awards are based on me HAHA!

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR - Dedicated one and only to my brother who has been through with me all along. especially the bad phases and of course he will always win this award hands down all his life.

Here comes the marvelous twist of Hero turned Villan. The best MALE LEAD , and most wanted actor has unfortunately bagged the best role in villanous category ! The negative end to the story came as much as a surprise to me, but that does not exclude him from the nominees list or for bagging an well deserved award for five years of dedication! LOL

This person got nominated and selected overnight LOL. For being an amazing person and for being one of the best things that happened to me in life. Not to forget this entire script has been directed by him! I have only added some spice to this story for making it a decent read to the viewers :) and ya thanks for being so supportive, caring and loving. and be happy that you got nominated dude =))

This is dedicated to the first person who got a chance into the story. Being young and as inexperienced as he was, he could unfortunately not make it as a HERO in the story but he ended up being in love with the story for more than 8 years which makes him the right person to receive this award !

The last and most anticipated award of the night ,

BEST ACTOR: *drop dead silence*

The Best leading Actress award winner is going to give a small speech for making it a little more spicy.

*clears throat* well I am very happy to be on this stage for not only receiving but also giving away an award. Am sorry to say this but unfortunately all the nominees weren't fortunate enough to bag an award. The nominees are requested to digest this information with a pinch of slat HEHE!

and Sorry to disappoint you viewers again , but this award will unfortunately be decided by the only person in the judging panel aka MY MOM. So unless the horoscopes, caste and bullshit of this person does not match with mine, the award would have to be indiscriminately postponed apparently =)). so please wait and watch for this space to get filled in the near future.

.........and thanks to everyone for listening to this Crap of mine LOL!


  1. sweet! i'm really tempted to borrow this idea ;)

  2. Dman!!! i m tempted tooo!!! heheh... so funny!! :)

  3. WTF lmao =))

    i hadnt read this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    m glad i did!!!!!! :D :D :D




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