Thursday, April 16, 2009

My 50th post Yay!! My Visit to JAIL!!

I am very proud of my blog today for hitting an half century finally after 3 years of turmoil LOL ! I have become an active blogger very recently, so I hope I can keep up with the pace of updating it as I did it for the last few months.

Anyway coming to the topic,

Today's topic is nothing but a description of ONE of the best days in my life since a very long time. I don't mean to say I wasn't having fun, but being in pure Bliss and having fun are two totally different things and I was fortunate enough to understand and enjoy it last Sunday. :-)

I went to CENTRAL JAIL (lol) last Sunday, and before you make your assumptions, I will try to enlighten you with my little knowledge about the place. The Chennai Central jail was built during 1850's and today I prefer to call it a Monument. This monument which has sheltered so many criminals and freedom fighters alike is going to be broken down to pieces. So the government has made this open for PUBLIC. finally something good from our government I would say! ;-) and i was intrigued to see the place where so many famous and notorious people have been.

I went with someone special *wink wink* which made it doubly special. ;-)
We spent the entire afternoon going into every cell and i tried to find the bits and pieces of art work left by the prisoners. It is really kinda spooky or weird feeling to be in the place where criminals were and to think how depressed even they were in such a suffocating place. I personally would not recommend it to anyone of you LOL!!

There was an eerie feeling in lot of the cells, as if the person who stayed there had lost their soul and only the body was waiting for the release. I have no clue what they were really thinking, but I could see HATE, LOVE, DEPRESSING graffiti s all over. I managed to click a few with my low pixel camera cell, so I don't promise you a visual treat :-D , but I just wanted to share some of the pictures with you guys. And in this post I would prefer for the pictures to do all the talking rather than me as a significance to my 50th post.

This is how depressing I would have got, had i been there :P

Can you see the criss crossed calender of a soul craving for freedom or counting his days?

One of the blocks in the Jail...sends shivers down my spine thinking of the people who stayed there :|

Can you believe, they call this a storage place, and before i forget, its not for the prisoners but for the men in uniform *rolls eyes*

Lord Murugan Graffiti ... Spirituality has no bounds!!

An extension of the Spirituality ...the Holy Cross!!

A graffiti of a enraged woman probably !!

A graffiti of the famous south Indian hero turned politician MGR !

Weapons!! really???

I wonder how much efforts the prisoner took to make something like this ?!!?

Here comes the Hindu Fanatic again!!

The so called political Wing ! Here the prisons have a lot of privileges comparatively like reading the newspaper or writing * frankly I thought privileges had some other meaning:| *

One of the first Blocks I visited !!

A real cell :: The view from outside!

Oh welcome inside to the doomed world :|

My idea of how depressed one would be in such a cell. Its like am gazing outside craving for the freedom !

And yeah I would like to thank that someone special for giving me one of the most wonderful days of my lives. I am happy all thanks to you, so am dedicating my 5oth post to you. Thank you sooooooo much !! *bows* :)


  1. Heyyy dahlinn!!! Congrats on ur 50th post!! yayyy!! parrtyyyy... tel someone special *wink wink* to send me some icecreams n chcolates too..asap!! hehee :D

    Abt d pictures, they made me shiver!! they were really good.. spooky even!.. nice though! esp teh grafitti.. made the whole place seema a lot real than jus walls n realy tiny rooms.

    plz update soon again!!
    or else ill whack u over d head!!

    Lotsa luv,

  2. heyyy! Congrats for ur 50th post :)
    nice pictures! Why are they breaking it down? it's a bloody MONUMENT! dimaag kharab hai kya? :O :O

  3. hey congratulations on your 50th post.. i really wanted to go see the jail too..but I saw it now..thanks for the pictures..

    keep blogging.. it must have been some experience visiting the jail...

  4. Wow! Would love to visit this place! I have been inside a prison too! But that was something more funny and this is something more thought provoking! Nice pics! :)

    Love you...

    P.S. You have NOT been mailing me at all! Neither have I, but I had not logged on to the internet at all!

    Congrats on your 50th post! Muahzz

  5. Annie - I will be updating with frequent intervals to cure my love sickness lolzz

    love ya too babes

    mwaaah >:d<

  6. crazy freak - they are closing it cos its too old and will break down eventually ! and also cos the place is at the heart of the city and they wanna make it into some shopping complex or hospital or watver, they wanna use the place instead of ruining it !

  7. Hey pink orchid - welcome to my blogosphere :)

    thanks for your comments and yeah it was really a nice experience to go there !

  8. Ash - thanks , but i wanna know about the details about you goin to prison LOL :-D

  9. chennai central jail is a museum now? tht was a beautiful post! congratz on hitting half century :)

  10. hey! congrats on ur 50th post!
    I am reading u for the fist time!
    impressive work!
    loved the pics as well as ur thoughts!
    would return back soon...
    god bless!



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