Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crocs bEwArEeeEE!!

Dearest readers,

Well Well Well …Looks who has been traveling around, too busy to even update their blog.

After 6 months of depression, hatred, love, pain, loneliness, someone is finally back in the track towards happiness. As you all had the patience to endure my poetic musings, I would now love it if you could bear with my constant jabbering about my various traveling expeditions because that what I intend to do for the next couple of weeks :-P

I already went to Jail, as you all know from my previous post, the next expedition was to the crocodile bank. And Mann was it fun ? :-D . I had tons of fun watching the crocodiles ( don’t think duhh what a geek :P) cos I have always been fascinated by these beautiful species which has withstood natures hardest terrains and climatic changes to survive along with us. I have heard that crocs have been around since dinosaurs were around. That makes them mighty special innit?

Anyway apart from viewing these species of all types and sizes, there were three things which fascinated me the most.

1. The croc aquarium. Yeah, you heard it right. This one is like you can watch the crocs from the top and also from a glass under the water, to have a glimpse of these creatures hardly a feet in front of you and in their territory..WATER! Have a look as these three crocs beautifully swim across in front of me while the hugest one just lies down silently.

Oh my goodness, they look like floating angels. If only they weren’t so dangerous *sighs* :P

2. The next thing which captivated my attention was this huge pen, where there are more than 100 crocs for sure ( PS: I counted till 100 hehe:-D) . As I was awed by watching so many of these deadly ones, right infront of me, there comes the care taker reading my mind. He came up to me and asked, do you wanna feed them? 60 rs/ KG. I am like Whoa! Definitely. Am not missing on this one :P
3. Lalala last but not the least, try not to get disgusted, but I actually held a baby croc (Itz 2 years old or rather two years young by the way ;-) ) for more than 2 minutes. Can you believe it ? I cant haha !! =))

This one was so slimy, I was feeling eeewww, but still I felt a sort of foolish pride to hold such a dangerous species in my hand :P the care taker said even though its small its bite can cause blood injuries and unless you have a good grip on its neck, the chances of he biting me is way too high :P , that could not stop me too ;-) . I held it and almost kissed it (Yeah right! ewww again ) but was kinda scared cos if he kisses back, I would have to loose my lovely lips haha !! LOL

I also had the opportunity to hold a baby python but sheesh they are so slimy, I could have puked right there ! (Don’t Ask me why I Did not puke for holding the croc. He was amazing :P)

Hope you guys are not bored by my expeditions, cos I sure as hell am not ;-) . I have some plans for some great places. But bull shit work is keeping me from enjoying myself. Whatever the heck am gonna continue my expeditions and update them as and when time permits.

To know more about the place I visited click here


Seno !!


  1. i hate reptiles :| .. the pics gave me jitters! :s ..
    baby python thhose slimy dirty strechable skin of their.. OMG..disgusting! :|

    *shudders* :|

    i'm glad you love them!:|

  2. LOL...come on they are beautiful creatures haha :))



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