Monday, February 16, 2009

Annie tagged me yet again :P

I AM : WHAT I AM ;-) ... charming , funny and cute, and also fiercely independent ...watver the bottom line is M irresistible hahah

I THINK : I am a pretty nice person ;-) , I think about almost anything and everything, my mind is hyper compared to my body :-D

I KNOW : that I need to lose weight like annie :P

I WANT : My dad back :|, to start my life afresh (Fat chance:P) I want the old days back :'(

I HAVE: a thirst for learning a lot of new stuff in my life! , a zest for life ;-)

I WISH : I don't wish anymore, what ever should happen , will happen anyway, whats the point in wishing anyway *rolls eyes* ? But i do Wish my EX best friend LOl a very happy birthday today :)

I HATE : My fears , i need to conquer em soon!!

I MISS : One and only my DAD forever :'(

I FEAR : DEATH ( as if fearing would help me haha :P)

I HEAR : Voices inside my head at times *seriously* =))

I SMELL : Have a very bad cold, nose is completely blocked, so sorry I don't smell a thing right now ;-)

I CRAVE : for chocolates, ice creams , so basically anything that makes me gain a pound in a second >:) mwahahha

I SEARCH: only in GOOGLE (lame i Know:P)

I WONDER : if at all, I can have a normal life like the sane people around me :P

I REGRET : the list is endless, move on shall we ? ;-)

I LOVE : My family, friends , My doggie!!

I ACHE : when i see happy families around me . I don't have ONE now:'(

I WAS NOT : as hawt(read fat ) as I am right now LMAO=))

I AM NOT : as insensitive and unemotional as I portray myself to be :D

I CRY : only in front of myself :|


I DANCE : when No 1 is watching :D (Cant help it , if I have two left feet, Itz a genetic flaw peeps :P)

I SING : all the time, till people threaten to choke the hell outta me haha!! :D

I READ : anything and everything. I love reading books, blogs, newspapers, magazines, letters whatever :P ;-)

I DONT ALWAYS : speak my mind. I tend to tell a lot of white lies.

I FIGHT : with people who are close to me ONLY!

I WRITE : a lot, most of my blogs are still unpublished ;-)

I WIN : almost all arguments,even if am wrong ;-)

I LOSE : my pens all the time!! *I wonder whats with pens and me seriously*

I NEVER : would hurt anyone intentionally !

I ALWAYS : Like to be myself!

I CONFUSE : Independence day and republic day :| ..and also shirts and t-shirts, odd and even :|:| these three are the things I confuse almost ALWAYS!

I LISTEN : to the same songs I like over n over again, till I get bored of Em :P

I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND : in a group of people, laughing in the loudest pitch ever :P

I AM SCARED : of being too much in love with someone*Ouch! even the memory hurts*

I NEED : to sort out my messed up life !

I AM HAPPY : When I am with animals , or I do something good for another living being!:)

I IMAGINE : almost anything which can be remotely related to being WEIRD :D

Now I just pass on the tag to anyone and everyone who pass by my blog.

About Annie - I think, she is an amazing human being, tough on the outside but so tender on the inside !!:) Mwah >:d<


  1. I hear : Voices inside my head at times *seriously* =))

    me too :O .. :-s

    actually there are so many answers where in i can go on hitting me too :P

    I am scared : of being too much in love with someone*Ouch! even the memory hurts*

    MWWWWWAAAAHHH!!! loadsa love
    i loved your answers!

  2. we are so fucking alike... its unreal!!!! lolz. everythng on the list matches... only a teeny thing different is dat i m HAWTER than u... muahahaha... *evil grin* :)



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