Monday, November 27, 2006

Sueeeeeeee or Suefa the sister I always wanted, Thanks to orkut I got this lovely and cute sister. We both started this blog just because we were bored and wanted to do something, we thought , we always talk a lot , so why not write down whatever we talk , we couldn’t do it in orkut as there is a word limitation for everything .....:D

Suefa is a very bubbly personality , Its sad that it took us so long to get to know each other , but after that it has been no looking back .This girl is always full of energy and can raise your spirits totally , First when I met her , I thought well this girl has a group of friends and she doesn’t opens up with everyone , we hardly exchanged a few scraps ,by then I knew a lot of people but sue always seemed to be reserved =)) , maybe she thought the same about me , because she also never spoke so well with me , then all thanks to poorva another sweetheart , she is close to both of us , and we used to have girly yahoo confys =)) and there she used to invite both of us , and as usual we never spoke to each other , hardly a few posts , hi sueeeeeeeeeeee :D >>>>>>>>:D<<<<<<<<<< :*:* just the usual greeting and a bye . some time later in the confys all the others would leave to sleep , but me and sue pure 100% nocturnal , so we stayed and were in a situation where we had to talk to each other , both of us used to talk about some silly thing and we would leave , then we got one topic of mutual interest ;) and started talking for real , within a week she was one amongst the close people to me who I would wait to see them online. In the starting our timings matched each other , so did our sense of humor :P , We both have a totally different sense of humor , only people close to us can understand our jokes and yeah! We laugh for anything and everything =))

And by the end of the second week , we were like so close to each other , all secrets shared , we had talked about everything under the sun :-O , we started out by doing weird things everyday after everyone were asleep and slowly we started realizing we have the same thoughts , same feelings basically we had a lot in common , and of all the online friends I have met , she is the one who I can closely relate to , that is she can easily find out what’s in my mind while others can just judge that something is wrong , she is the person because of whom I have started laughing and enjoying my life a lot lately , and whatever I say she is ready to do it the next minute , we love to search through google to get funny pictures for our album=)) and we chat daily , if there is some problem that she cant come online , she comes through mobile and talks to me =)) , She is definitely one of my close friends now , sounds weird isn’t it? , haven’t met this gal , don’t know how she looks or behaves in real life , yet there is something which attracts me to this gal ,and those who know her , will accept with me that she is the most cheerful girl around. She laughs without a reason, but I don’t find it weird anymore, because am also doing the same lately ….:D , Well our day starts at around 9 o clock in the night: P and ends at 5-7 in the morning =)) and till now even one day I haven’t been bored of her , We talk nonsense but with sue nonsense is fun :D , She is one of the persons , I can say anything to ,she hears all my stories poor sue=)) but sometimes she gets the romantic stories as well;) but most of the days its plain dumb:D

Sueeeeeeeeeee , you are more than a friend , more than a sister , more than anything I deserve , You are a wonderful person and I thank all my stars for knowing you and I cant wait to meet you in person , I so look forward to that day \:d/:X\:d/:X , and be with me always , i need you more than anything , I just love you too much to express it , You are really my other half, crazy twin even though you are the craziest of us ,that’s what makes you even lovable and I simple love you for everything :D . We share a wonderful bond , and i sincerely hope nothing would come in between us forver :x:x:x

I have lots more to write about you and will keep updating this blog ;-)

Keep smiling always



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