Monday, November 20, 2006

Dedicated to Prankiee.......My first attempt at poetry.........!!! =))

Well am not the kinda of person who can write poems let alone write i cant even understand poems =)), but still i had promised to one of my friends praniti to write a poem for her ...........and well made a fool of myself and the poetry i guess...;-) , but its just my first attempt to write a poem , so poetry lovers this is not advised for you .........:D , just an amateur attempt from my side .

Pranks u r d chubbiest gal ever!!

and of course the sweetest of all souls..

i can hate u never!!

cos i know u r always thr for me thro all my goals...

I cant belive how easily u stole my heart!!

U r an angel in diguise , loved by everyone..

U have grown deep inside my heart , so u r d one i can never part!!

any day any time , u make my heart long for u..

you r my frend , sister , philosopher and guide!!

which suprises me cos u r younger than me..

u haunt my thoughts everyday , so i can never let u slide!!

away from me cos i feel u werever i see..

u just arent one in millions!!

u r unique and remind me of a pure white dove..

u r spl moon among d stars which r billion!!

u r in my heart , in my soul , cos u r d one i love..

u r special cos u r my precious gem!!

who i shall strive hard never to loose..

so am gonna stick to u like a gum!!

i jus love u and want u to b with me forever!!

u make me happy , u scold me , tease me...

but i love u more for that cos u have that right!!

u shower me with ur affection..

and listen to all my confessions..

worried how to repay u!!

as my love is all i can give u!!

Once again I dedicate this one and only to Praniti aka d lil devil ^:)^^:)^:)^

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