Saturday, November 18, 2006

Laughter attack........!!! =))

Someone once told me its all in the facial expressions. If you can project the right expression at the right time and place, people will connect to you better, reading the unspoken messages written all over the face.

I am one of the very, very smiley person, n almost everyone who knows me can vouch for tht. I smile a lot, infact all the time, n i laugh even more than that. I guess its just a habit or rather a childhood problem, as i keep telling everyone, who asks me to shut up!!!=)) if i evn care what others think :p, whether i am with my close frenz or just anyone new or even strangers, i cant control my laughter, n keep on laughing n smiling like an idiot as if i just found out that Johnny Depp loves me too =))......i know, i know....dnt remind me im crazy,bt im allowed to dream rite!!!....Some people do find my laughter attacks to be weird when they first meet me, but gradually everyone does get used to it and even start tolerating me, eventhough they know im insane, or maybe cuz they realize tht fact=))Unfortunately, im sure there are quite a large number of people who think that im totally crazy, n must've banged my head somewhere to act like im so sorry to disappoint those people cuz i really was born this crazy=))

On the other hand, when im not too hyper or laughing hysterically, which is a very rare occasion, it does not necessarily mean im in a bad mood or unhappy. Sometimes i wonder if its because i laugh too much that wen im nt laughing people start to think i must've slept on the wrong side of the bed, or swallowed a spoon or something=)) Come on people gimme a break, there are times that i could be too tired or sleepy....oops sorry i forgot, i dnt sleep=)) the point is , that it does not mean i have problems or issues, as if i wud die if i do not laugh in the next few minutes...*rolls eyes*...hehe :p

The most frequent question people ask me is ,"why do u keep on laughing?"....n mind you, this is askd wid wonder n astonishment at my rare capability to laugh continously n for no reason at all=)) u think i can create a world record????...*raised eyebrow*...anywayz,gettin bak to the topic, my answr is simple, because I AM CRAZY!!! a childhood problem and because i dun have anythng bttr to do=))but on a serious note, laughing is a sign of being positive.....and atleast 9 out of 10 times, people would join you ....u cud be makin sumone's day a better one.
Laughter can mean so many things, it can be a welcome, or simply a way of showing delight and joy of seeing and being with another person, or a mask to seal away all the sorrow and pain deep inside.Whatever the reason and purpose of laughter, it definately makes things look positive and it can even make gloomy days bright.
So, keep on smiling and laughing, coz u never know u mite be helping brighten some1 else's day!!!

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