Friday, November 17, 2006

Reflections in time...

The journey, the voyage, to no clear destination seemed a void, which did not have any fortune in store for me. My soul, one knows where. The drive from the east coast to the west, i thought, would relieve some of the pain i had striven to endure throughout my life...a life full of battles, many of which i had lost. Though the journey, another battle, against time, was an appendage to my pains, but for once i did not give up. I longed to fulfill my last wish, my last desire, though i could not see through the mist in my head- i did not know what it was. Yet, i was to discover that soon. I somehow figured, in my fading hours, i thought of what i had achieved in life...more so, what i can achieve in life.

I see the sparkling water now. I stepped on the I sat on a rock and gazed across the ocean, i looked around...everyone was happy, cheerful...i was happy for them...i was happy for them for they were not like me...I looked across the sea again. The sun, now almost fully drowned in the ever so elegant sea, appeared as a giant ball of fire, worn out in the sands of time. The rest of the sky gleamed with the good-bye's of the sun, shining far across mainland. The scenario, as magical and enchanting as dreams themselves, left me spellbound, dazed and as still as a figurine, boasting of seeing the ever so beautiful sunset. The sunset, no less than a masterpiece was its utmost best. Reality, i thought...what i had not faced. Though, i forgot all that. I was content, satisfied however, in a strangely uncomplicated manner. Maybe because this was my last wish. Yes, it was my last wish...happy, more than ever, content, more than ever...i lay down on the loose sand...



  1. a dazzling piece of write-up...subtly showz a solitary phase of human lyf dat evrybody goes thru once in a while.
    it paintz a pretty picture of a another world of detachment.
    nice work sue =D>

  2. hey sue!!!

    amazingly written peice...transported me to a place where i often want to be :)

    a tear in my eyes and a smile of content on my lips...thats what you gav me...

    keep up the blog...would love to read more from you!

    P.S i am angry with seno n u...u pple did not tell me u started blogging :( best wishes...n please continue to blog and dont stop :D

    loads of love n luck

  3. cool stuff!!!
    sue u dint tell me ur such a terrific writer!!!!

  4. Gosh.....finally after a long wait on dec 7th,2006 i met these crazy twins in real and it was worth.

    ppl....if u'll meet them...u'll definitely say that this is a perfect combination of devil and angel.
    sush....the perfect angel and seno is the perfect devil...LOL.

    like they met on orkut first...same applies to me and when i met them in real....i got to know tht they r exactly like the same they behave.

    sue is sooooooooooooooooooo gentle and cute :)
    prabha is soooooooooooooooooooo idiot and crazy but u know she is the one whom i can dominate netime i want.

    even though i've not spoken to sue much but i wld definitely like to spend time with devil and angel 2gether...sue is sooooooooooooooo decent...if u say something non-veg...she hardly understands...LOL

    and prabha.....i really wish tht time shld stop right now and we stay 2gether....she is exactly like the sister i had always wished for...[:d]

    long live these crazy twins and may they g8 everything they wish for in lyfe [:)]



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