Sunday, December 7, 2008


Never in the last eight years, did I think, I would savor these words as much as am doing now. I know , I have only myself to blame!! But who cares as long as I am happy now :-D. I always have been stupid enough to think that am happy because am in a relationship , someone is out there to love me and care for me , but trust me , after being single, I finally feel free , feel happy and most importantly feel MYSELF !!

I have realized, am a person who should not be restricted, I need to have my space and right now am enjoying every minute of my single status before its rudely going to be snatched from me LOL! I enjoy being myself finally!! but on the pessimistic side, I have almost lost my interest in guys! 8-|

Right now, am a very happy person , and am writing this because I want to know in the future that Today am a happy person cos i took the right decision in breaking off with my Ex BF !! Thank you ex LOL !!

Starts singing and dancing in joy!!

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