Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year Resolutions!!

My New Year Resolutions or rather Commandments I have imposed on myself :))

1. Live Life to the fullest . Live every day like you are gonna DIE tomorrow, cos who knows u might and you wont be able to regret later :P

2. Talk Less, Listen More.

3. Laugh a lot.

4. Give a Smile to 5 strangers a day. Help to spread it.

5. Try to do a GOOD deed every week , if not everyday!

6. Don't regret about the past , look forward to the future.

7. Help more , Expect less.

8. Try to be in touch with friends more. Put an Xtra effort. a mail/ message can do it!

9. Love yourself. Understand how beautiful you are as a person.

10. Learn something NEW! can be a language, a recipe anything

11. Make more friends

12. Forgive and forget the people who have hurt you.

13. Learn to appreciate the smaller things in life.

14. Reduce ANGER! Not worth it.

15. Be Fit. Try to Exercise at least three times a week!

16. Try meditation or Yoga again three times a week in the least.

17. Try to help a complete Stranger whenever you get the opportunity!

18. Try not to take the close Friends/ relatives or MOM for granted.

19. Booze, Party , Have fun !

20. Try to do the things you have been wanting to do, but could not due to some crazy reasons.

21. LIVE :: LOVE :: LAUGH ! :)

22. Go to an orphanage once a year!

23. Go and feed animals in BLUE CROSS once a year!

24. Don't care about people who bitch about you! cos frankly they r jealous of you :P

25. Last but not the least try to follow these Resolutions as much as possible :P


  1. heyyy... did u copy paste the res or made them up urself..... they are good...exactly..word to word for wht i made last year...didnt manage to keep any of them. :(... bt good post...:P

  2. i would love to see the second one happen!!.. its kinda impossible.. but give it a try! :P

  3. Ice maiden - ty :"> i wrote it myself copy pasting :|:P

  4. Ice maiden - did u want to exercise and do yoga too :O LOl

    anu - well dats why i have the last resolution for :P :">

  5. Ahh... Can I copy paste your list into my blog :P

  6. Hi, I am a new reader to your Blog..#18 is a Good one!

    I really want to smile at strangers whenever possible, but it will be very weird if the opponents (whom you smile at) don't reciprocate, he..he..lolz.. Also u will be in a delicate position for smiling at them, isn't it? it had happened many times to me.. atleast when the opponent is a gud-looking gal! :p

  7. Hey Ramu's Corner! Thanks for your comments !!

    And i din mean smiling at good looking gals :P :))

    Ash - U sure can copy it LOL



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