Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tribute to....Ahhh MYSELF ;-)

You think you know me?
You think I believe that you care for me?
Too bad Honey, ASK IF I CARE!
You think I still Love you?
Too bad Honey, THINK AGAIN!

Yet, am indebted and grateful to you,
YES! For dumping me, for insulting me,
For you have shown me to LOVE myself!

I was astounded as to why,
I was so hung up on YOU!
The cold realization dawned up on me,
Late but better than NEVER!

I can blame it only on my sheer stupidity,
I was craving and starved for LOVE,
I never Loved myself back then!!!!
I was too much in Love with a selfish person,
Who couldn’t give me ONE ounce of LOVE
When my whole world revolved around you!!

I do feel cheated and betrayed,
But HEY, I blame only myself.
That ought to cool your FROZEN HEART!

You know what irks me even now?
The way you wear the ANGEL MASK!
The way you portray yourself to the world,
Of what a kind hearted soul you are??
Nay! Try your luck with some other chick!
For I have moved way far!

I did not ask for gifts, outings!
All I asked was to be LOVED BACK!
And DUHHH it took me half a decade,
To know what you really wanted.

I hardly remember the good times,
Was there just a handful?
And I almost gave up my life for you?
Sheesh what a pity!

I declare now, My LOVE is long lost.
My LOVE has failed, but not ME!
So THANK YOU for letting me GO!


  1. simply superb!!!i wish i could post d same stuff on my blog:( can i?lolzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. niceee!!!..thats exactly how a girl should be...just move on and stuff..but the bad part is..its hard!! =(

    but a very good poem!..
    loved it!!

  3. Gargi - Thanks yaar! I know it takes a lot of time to move on. but now after nearly a year , I can say that I have moved on for the BETTER :)



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