Saturday, January 3, 2009

Self Appraisal ...:)) My long last and best Testimonial recieved EVER !!

This is the testi ma bestest frend wrote for me ....i kinda thot i had lost it , but i got it bak yayyyyyyyy \:d/ so posting here , so dat u peeps can get to know me ;-) hahha!!! PS: he was too shy to post it even in ORKUT lol=))

A friend is a personal relationship. I like and admire many people who i don’t consider friends.I choose to think of friend as a very strong word, representing a very close relationship.. call her prabha..for all those people who dunno.. Thats wot her name is...

I kno am not the only person who thought her name was seno!!!! Prabha is sucha..stupid('s) name....[:p]

You are friendly, kind and caring, sensitive, loyal and understanding, humorous, fun, secure and true..special, accepting, exciting and wise ..truthful and helpful,..blah blah... I kno these things don’t define her… but then I had to write some so called NORMAL good sec.. is she anyway normal…?? I guess I might end up having a huge debate with anybody who have doubts….of course I shall be against the topic [8)]

Actually I have a lot to say bout this gal.. But i aint tat good at words so I let you people figure that out urselves…Its just that i am very happy knowing her.. And its not everyday i get to make such a great i intend to hold onto you for a long long time gal....

Am sure other friends ov hers have already mentioned bout her luxuriously jabbering ability...And must say she does that pretty effortlessly.. but she has made sure I have been tamed enough to lissen to her forever…:-<

Nonetheless this devil (a fictional angel as some may say) has a lot of opinions about everything around her... No wonder she always has issues with me.. I swear I havent met anybody so critical about each and every action of mine... But then thats what gets the better of me....[:p]

Whoever knows her would have definitely got a soup├žon of this quality of hers…… or is it only me whos been soo……. “Lucky” =))

Frankly shes someone i turn to whenevr i need a push(kick) to lift ma spirits..shes just a call away when i need tat instant advise on somethin "hardly" important....then she throws this sensible advice rite on ma face...makes me feel too dumb..i may sound a parasite maselv but then when things are this easy to fetch(and so bug free) why flex ur super complex brains....wot say seno...[:d]

Most of the time she is a teacher, a very good one, who constantly questions me. "those of course are the best teachers, the ones who ask you to think"...evn tho her questions have been annoyin at times[:p] it did make me smart.. Mayb thats what she wanted me to become...[8)] there am there..!!!!

I talk to her bout almost anything .. share feelings, talk about our enthusiasms, our ideas, the things we care bout, the things we don’t care bout.. everythin.. Carefree… as I believe if I ever find i must be careful how i say things, then it’s something other than friendship.

That’s what she is…. If you get to be in her good friends list then you get the warrant to talk about anything… anytime… anywhere…

Shes makes you feel very comfortable…. Way to go bugger…

Continuing on ma lill talk on friendship I can only say I haven chosen to call prabha as a friend.. a true friend with every moment spent worth relishing.

Thanks for everythin...




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