Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bitter Sweet memories of a lost soul!!

This is dedicated to ma EX, who obviously wont read it , but since I have been messing around a lot on ma life, I have realized, he is worth way more! and dis is a dedication to the beautiful relationship we shared for five years !!

Why did you hold my hand?
To let it go?
Why did you Kiss me?
To mock my memories now?
Why did you like me?
To leave me alone?
Why did you have to make me feel special?
To let me down?
Why did you have to be there for me?
To let me repent every single moment?
Why did you have to wipe my tears?
To let me cry everyday?
Why did you have to share with me?
To make me feel lost?
Why did you have to love me
To let me go and walk away?

You have walked far far away,
You are beyond my reach,
All i can see are your tracks,
All i have are the bitter sweet memories!!

I loved you more than I could,
I loved you beyond expectations,
Only to taste the bitter words??
Only to realize you are gone forever??

I loved your crooked smile,
when you tried to surprise me...
I loved your eyes,
when it used to twinkle with mischief..
I loved your heart,
when it opened up for me...
I loved the way you talk,
when it always made me feel gay...
I loved your walk,
when you didn't realize i was watching you...
I loved your Love
when it was just for me...
I loved you !! even,
when you did not love me back!

Now we speak, like total strangers..
I still Love you!
Now I have more friends than i used to have..
I still love you..
Now i have the independence, I always wished for
I still Love you!
Now i have anything I could ask for ...
But I still love you
Now I don't have you!
I am lost!
I love you!!


  1. I am speechless!

    A wonderful post... My favorite lines:

    You have walked far far away,
    You are beyond my reach,
    All i can see are your tracks,
    All i have are the bitter sweet memories!!

    Do you still love him Seno? Is it worth it?

  2. Ty Ash!! :)

    i owe it to the relationship...come what may ! and of all d loosers i m seeing right now , he is the best and i guess i will always love him :| tho not such an obsession right now tho ;-)

  3. Lol Seno,

    I hope it fades away with time if he was not the one for you :)

    I can relate to this poem a lot. I wish I could hate my ex as well!

  4. oh mann.. i so hope he rots! sorry , but i hope d same!

  5. i so know what yu are going thru.. i feel so helpless here! :(

    as far as ur ex is concerned... even though hes been a jerk.. hes realized things himself and accepted his mistakes!! n since yu love him SO much.. i guess he deserves another chance!! :-)

    *i love you!*

    muuahhh >>:D<< *hugz*

  6. Nice blog. A clean expression of your Broken Heart! Will be more happy to read more on your fruitful relationships, which I wish to happen in the near future..

  7. nit was very touching. i know wht i feel. i was in love wid my ex a long time even after he moved away to another city. some things jus dun fade away soon. :)

  8. no words for your poem yaar.
    its love that stays forever. you just cant hate the person you loved.Person you loved for a single second remains in your heart for ages, man u have 5 yrs long relationship. its hard to forget.Love him the way u like. its totally your feeling ,nobody can control it. And dont hate him for not loving you back as he never asked you to love him this madly and deeply. You just cant blame him for your feelings.

  9. its very very nice girl...i love u..



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