Thursday, February 24, 2011

Will the pain ever cease?

The present seems heart wrenching!
The future seems worthless
The past is one tragic history!

Will things ever be normal again?

Have I lost everything with my dad?
My soul cries out a mighty outpour,

Will the pain ever cease?

I wish I could burst the tank
I wish so bad!
I wish I could unloaded the burden
I wish so bad!
I wish I could forget and move on
I wish so bad!

Will the pain ever cease?

When strangers judge your path
When loved ones distrust you
When you are forced to a cell
cornered and whipped
Fear replaces Love
Authority replaces bonding
Judgement replaces relationships
I flinch inside,
I disintegrate with a pain so physical
it feels a thousand daggers stuck deep
it feels a million needles poked
it feels a pillow smothered
it feels a noose tighten
it feels worthless and endless
the journey of pain embarked
with no rescue
in the cold dungeon

I feel so lonely
I feel so lost

Will my life ever cease?

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