Monday, December 18, 2006

wherever you go your network follows u...:P

The caption seems familiar doesn’t it?? But no am not going to talk about hutch.....not exactly. But these mobile services have so many catchy lines...yet do we really get the coverage anywhere?? Leave about using hutch and quite satisfied with it, but I have a friend, let’s name that person as Mr.X. He/she is one of the subscribers of the hutch network and I don’t think his/her hutch dog is faithful to him/her [-x..........:P

Let me jus point out some of the features of the specialty in his/her hutch network........:D

1) You can never reach him/her when the person is at home...only when he /she are outside you can reach the person.

2) When you receive a call from that person and your line gets disconnected and you try can’t reach him/her Whoa! In hardly few seconds the network gets jammed or what??

3) When you receive a message from that person, he/she ought to have the network to send you a message right, but when you reply, you get the delivery message after a minimum of 10 hrs...

4) You try to call this person when he/she is outside ...yet again you get either a engaged tone or not reachable message.

5) You want to contact during any case of emergency ....sorry you don’t have the network.

6)He/she wants to contact you ....there he/she gets the network to contact you.....=))

7)And last but not the least the phone is never switched off ..........:-j

Some special value added features =))

1) You call this person and the call gets disconnected and voila u get a call back in a few seconds , so you really need not waste your money trying to call this person....all calls are free....:D

2) If at all you hear an engaged tone from this number ...please don’t waste your time for the next 2-3 hours because it will be engaged for 2 more hours as call waiting has been removed purposely ......:P

3) You want any sort of help from him/her just have to spill it out and its done , no matter who you are....=))

How I wish, I had a magical network like this....which allows me to contact anyone only when I want to , else am not reachable...and not be disturbed by any other unwanted caller =))

Note: This is a fictional work and any characters having any resemblances to any real person is not intentional.


  1. LMAO !!
    OMG...dat ws so damn funny!
    i think i knw dis Mr X :P

  2. ehhhh :O
    1st u giv dat person d name of MR. X...den u say he/she...arrr...ummm :-?

    ps:d hutch doggiee aint efficient in dis case coz ders alrdy anodr dawgieee involved...lil hutchiee baby is jealousss :( :P

  3. wow magical network....the caption shud ve been
    "whereva u go our network follows, only if u want ;) "

    anyway am sure hutch guys wud b more than happy to kno bout this superficial person and his/her number...:P



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